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Guarana Soda, A Brazilian Pastime

Guarana Antarctica Soda

Guarana soda is a classic Brazilian drink. It is made from the wild plant Paullinia Cupana, found in the Brazilian rainforest. The plant actually yields a red berry from which its seeds are used to produce guarana soda as well as other guarana products such as teas, juices and candies to name a few. Guarana […]

Bauducco Panettones

Bauducco Panettone

Bauducco Foods is a multi-national food company and leading producer of baked goods in Brazil. The company was founded in Sao Paolo by Italian immigrant Carlo Bauducco in 1950 and continues to be run by a third generation of Bauduccos. Carlo Bauducco was born near the Italian city of Turin in 1906. As a young […]

Brazilian Coffee

Brazilian Coffee

Brazilian Coffee Brazilian coffee is more than just a drink to get you going in the morning, or an afternoon pick me up. Brazilian people are quite proud of their coffee.  When someone offers you a cup of coffee in Brazil it is an invitation to put down your business for a few minutes and […]

Pão de Queijo, Brazilian Cheese Bread

Pão de Queijo

You’ll find them devoured all over Brazil; in Brazilian kitchens and restaurants. Sold in bakeries and by street vendors alike. Pão de queijo is Brazil’s #1 culinary pastime. The famous Brazilian cheese bread is a staple of the Brazilian diet and with good reason. If you haven’t tried them yet, you won’t regret it. These savory […]