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Turron For The Holidays

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Turron is a deliciously sweet nougat candy that has been around for centuries. The Moors are said to have invented this delicacy in Jijona, Spain over 500 years ago. The economy of Jijona is centered on the production of this sweet treat so much so that there is a museum there which chronicles the history […]

El Almendro Turron

El Almendro Turron

El Almendro turron has been the leading expert in the manufacture of turron since 1883. Their master confectioners have the know how and traditional craftsmanship that have been used for centuries creating spanish turrones. In Spain and many other countries, El Almendro is synonymous with Christmas. Their famous marketing campaign of “El Almendro, back home […]

Sanchis Mira Turron

Sanchis Mira Turron

Sanchis Mira turron was founded in 1863. Its origin was eminently artisan but through the years the spanish company has continuously evolved, introducing and perfecting its premium quality turron processing methods. Although the company was founded in 1863, it wan’t until 1966 the company took its current form. It was that year when four local […]

1880 Turron

Buy 1880 Turron Online   Turron 1880 is the self proclaimed finest turrón in the world and who could argue? Turron Almendra y Miel, S.A. is the manufacturer and owner of 1880. Based in Jijona, Spain 1880 has been family owned and operated since it was founded in 1725. The 1880 tradition has been passed […]

Turron, Spain’s Christmas Candy Nougat


    Turron   Turron is Spain’s proud contribution to the culinary world. Simply put, turron is synonymous with Christmas in Spain. The spanish candy nougat confection is typically produced and consumed during the holidays though can be enjoyed year round. History tells us that turron was first made at least 500 years ago in […]