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Yerba Mate Tea Is Great All Year Round!

Friends Sharing Yerba Mate

Watching the video above doesn’t show it so if you live in the south it may not have occurred to you that Yerba Mate Tea is great on a cold winter’s day. Actually, Yerba Mate Tea is known to produce the same energy boost that drinking coffee does but with additional benefits like improved focus […]

The Pava Hornillo and The Yerbera

The Yerbera

Pava hornillo and yerbera? Newbies to yerba mate have never heard of them, but the Pava Hornillo and the Yerbera are two yerba mate accessories that most seasoned yerba mate drinkers own and love. The Pava Hornillo serves as a mobile kettle to keep the yerba mate infusion as convenient and simple as possible. Pava […]

Tereré, Cold Yerba Mate

Terere, Cold Yerba Mate

When you think about yerba mate you usually think about the infusion of yerba mate and hot water. Rightfully so, as this is the most typical way to drink it. However, during the warmer, summer months, drinking a hot beverage may not be your cup of tea. Fortunately, you can still enjoy your favorite brand […]

The Yerba Mate Ritual

Friends Sharing Yerba Mate

When individuals get together to drink yerba mate something special happens. It’s a daily and unassuming event yet it represents a different approach to life.  The yerba mate ceremony is an ideal time for setting aside the urgencies of life and catching up with friends and family. It’s a time for appreciating the meaningful relationships […]

Yerba Mate Products

Drinking Yerba Mate

I still remember as a young child going to see my great grandfather and watching him put those strange leaves and twigs into what to me looked like a small coconut with a shiny straw. He was brewing his yerba mate tea in the traditional way in a gourd with a bombilla (shiny silver straw) […]

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