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Dulce de Leche

Dulce de Leche

Dulce de Leche

Dulce de Leche is a thick, caramel like milk based spread. It is extremely popular throughout Latin America and continues to grow in popularity within the United States. It’s name varies from country to country. In Argentina, Venezuela, Uruguay, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and Costa Rica it goes by it’s most common name of dulce de leche. In countries such as Ecuador, Chile, and Panama it is referred to as Manjar. Peruvians and Colombians prefer Manjar Blanco or Arequipe depending on the region. While Mexicans and Nicaraguans use the title, cajeta. And in Brazil, where the native language is Portuguese, doce de leite is it’s proper name.

However dulce de leche is referred to, one commonality is in its preparation. Typically, dulce de leche is prepared by slowly simmering a combination of sweetened milk and sugar. While the mix is simmering it is important to continuously stir until the milk and sugar form a thick, brown sauce. The spanish words “dulce de leche” literally translates into english as “candy or sweet from milk”. It’s no wonder dulce de leche is used in countless ways as an ingredient in numerous desserts. It’s also a must for plenty of incredible dulce de leche recipes. It’s used to flavor candies and ice cream, as a rich filling for cupcakes and pies, perfect for frosting cakes or as a spread for toast, pastries, and pancakes. But dulce de leche is unmistakably known as the most crucial and irreplaceable ingredient for the infamous Argentine cookie, the alfajor.

Dulce de Leche is primarily manufactured in South America. A few of the more popular brands such as San Igancio, Conaprole, Manfrey, Nestle La Lechera, Chimbote, Veronica are exported throughout the world. In the United States imported dulce de leche can be purchased in your local Latin American grocery store or sampled in most Argentine restaurants. If those options aren’t available, you can always buy online. Amigofoods boasts the widest selection of authentic dulce de leche anywhere. It offers dulce de leche brands from Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia and Brazil.

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