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Passion Fruit Pulp, A Delicious, Nutritious Tropical Treat

If you haven’t enjoyed a passion fruit smoothie yet, what are you waiting for? Forget the fact that it’s good for you, rich with antioxidants and a great source of fiber, but it tastes great too! Passion fruit pulp comes from the passion fruit, also known as passionfruit, maracuya, maracuja, parcha and chinola. The tropical fruit is native to tropical America.

Passion fruit can be enjoyed in various ways. You can cut it in half and eat the pulp, seeds and all after scooping it straight out of the shell. Simply add some sweetener or cream to cut the tardiness of the passion fruit. But an increasingly popular and quicker way to enjoy passion fruit is in the passion fruit pulp form. Yes, it is delicious when using it in your favorite passion fruit pulp smoothie recipe. But it can also be used in all kinds of desserts like cheesecake, flan, mousse and more. Or how about in you agua fresca, mixed with you favorite juices or dare we say, even in your favorite cocktail. Bottom line is passion fruit pulp is both delicious and nutritious, cheers!

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