Aji Amarillo, Peru’s Perfect Yellow Pepper

Peruvian Yellow Pepper, Aji Amarillo

The aji amarillo is a member of capsicum baccatum family and is grown throughout Peru. The literal translation of aji amarillo in spanish is yellow pepper. But that can be a little deceiving. The color of the aji amarillo in it’s unripened state is in fact yellow. However, after ripening aji amarillo’s color turns to … Read moreAji Amarillo, Peru’s Perfect Yellow Pepper

Ajiaco, Colombia’s Favorite Traditional Soup

Colombian Ajiaco Soup

Have you ever tried Ajiaco? As far as we know, this latin dish has been around since the 16th century. We’re just not sure where it exactly originated. Ajiaco is a popular dish throughout Latin America, most notably in the countries of Colombia, Peru and Cuba. However, while they share the same name, the dish and … Read moreAjiaco, Colombia’s Favorite Traditional Soup