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Yerba Mate Usage and Benefits

Gourd and Bombilla

Yerba Mate is a tea that is a very popular social drink in some South American countries where it is often referred to as the “drink of the gods”. It is said to have the same energy benefits of coffee with many other health benefits that coffee lacks and is consumed to enhance clarity and […]

History of Yerba Mate

Yerba Mate Image

Yerba mate is a drink brewed from dried leaves and twigs from the yerba mate tree. Yerba mate grows as a shrub or small tree that can reach up to 15 meters high. This evergreen tree is a species of holly that produces small greenish white four petal flowers and a red berry. When the […]

Colombian Coffee – Upscale Taste Demands Upscale Coffee

Columbian Coffee Beans

Colombian Coffee has long been recognized worldwide for its distinctive taste and impeccable quality. Though history isn’t clear on when the first coffee reached Colombia, it is often indicated that Jesuit priests brought the seeds for coffee plants with them in the mid 16th century. Colombian tradition claims that the seeds were brought by a […]