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Aji Rocoto, Peru’s Peachy Peppers

Aji Rocoto Pepper

Rocoto Peppers are one of Peru’s hottest spices. They are a South American red pepper that natively grow on the slopes of the Andes mountain range. Rocotos are members of the Capsicium pubescens family. This means they have some peach fuzz on them. Aji rocoto peppers have thick side walls like the bell pepper and […]

Chicha Morada, Peruvian Purple Corn Drink

Chicha Morada Drink

The roots of chicha morada can be traced back long before the Inca Empire. Chicha morada is a traditional Peruvian purple corn drink, popular through out the year, but certainly the beverage of choice during the summer months. This refreshing drink is typically made from purple corn or, maiz morado, grown in the Andes mountains.  The […]

Aji Amarillo, Peru’s Perfect Pepper

Aji Amarillo - Peruvian Yellow Pepper

If you ask any chef the one must have ingredient in Peruvian cuisine, they’ll tell you aji amarillo, hands down. The Peruvian yellow pepper is the all star ingredient in many of the country’s national dishes. It’s used in an assortment of traditional Peruvian recipes in various forms; as aji amarillo paste, aji amarillo sauce […]