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Yerba Mate, Brazilian, Argentine, Spanish, Peruvian, Chilean, Colombian, Cuban & Venezuelan Food Online
Amigofoods is an online Latin grocery store delivering imported foods from Latin America right to your door. Order Salsa Lizano from Costa Rica, Spanish chorizo or jamon serrano from Spain , alfajores, dulce de leche or yerba mate from Argentina or pao de queijo from Brazil. Enjoy the best from Latin America!

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  1. I love Amigo Foods!

    My husband lived in Uruguay for 2 years and always missed the delicious foods that he used to eat. He is always asking me to find out a recipe for Biscochos. I have searched the internet to try and find what he is looking for and I cant seem to find anything.

    He said that as he was walking down the street there would be different vendors selling them. He described them kind of like an American cream cheese danish, but much, much better.

    Is there anyone that can help me find a recipe for these?

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