Argentine Beef Cuisine: 4 Savory South American Classics You Have to Try

Are you looking to try some new foods from around the world? Then you have got to try some recipes from Argentina, especially their incredible beef dishes!

Argentine beef cuisine is famous for its’ delicious flavor & tender texture. Here are 4 savory Argentine dishes you’ve got to try!

Argentine Beef

Cows raised in Argentina graze outdoors and feed mainly on grass and not grain. This means that the beef will have a lower fat content and a more beefy flavor. In Argentina, they do not age their meat so if you are ever invited to a traditional Asado (similar to a BBQ in America) the meat will be very fresh from the butcher.

1. Empanadas

Argentine Beef Empanadas
Beef Empanadas

Empanadas originated in Spain as a hot, cheap meal that working classes could take with them for lunch while away from home. The Spaniards brought this traditional meal with them when they settled in South America and it is still a popular dish to this day.

These pastries are usually deep-fried or baked and can be filled with a savory or sweet filling. The savory empanada fillings are usually stewed or spiced ground beef, chicken, goat, cheese, and vegetables.

The sweet dessert empanadas are usually stuffed with sweet potato paste, dulce de leche or filled with quince jam, also known as membrillo, and then sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar.

In order to tell what type of fillings each empanada has, the pastry will have different marks along the fold to identify which type of filling is inside.

2. Choripán

Choripan Argentine Sausage Sandwich
Argentine Choripan

This is a popular dish for street vendors, sporting events and people on the go in Argentina.

Choripán is made with beef chorizo and pork grilled over a fire, then topped with Argentina’s famous chimichurri sauce and served on crusty bread. The toppings for this traditional dish may vary depending on the province you are in. You may see caramelized onions, green peppers or pickled aubergines, to name a few, as an option for your choripán.

3. Matambre Arrollado


The name of the dish “Matambre” is a combination of two Spanish words: “matar” (kill) and “hambre” (hunger), or the Hunger Killer.

Matambre arrollado is generally served first at an asado so you can have something to hold you over while the rest of the food is being cooked.

Thin slices of Argentine beef are stuffed with hard-boiled eggs and bell peppers with some cilantro, garlic and olive oil. They are then rolled up and can then be either boiled, baked or grilled.

It’s presentation is as appetizing as it’s taste, truly delicious!

4. Carbonada

Argentinian Beef Dish of Carbonada
Carbonada Argentinian Beef Stew

This unique dish is a hearty Argentinian stew that is sure to fill you up and keep you warm and cozy during the cooler months.

Carbonada is a savory stew filled with beef, potatoes, corn, carrots, peppers and topped with bacon, and fruits such as dried apricots or raisins. The stew is usually cooked on the grill in a hollowed-out pumpkin. Different fruits and vegetables can be added depending on the region.

Carbonada Criolla is typically served with white rice. The filing can also be used in empanadas.

Ready to Try Something New and Delicious?

These are just a handful of Argentine beef dishes that are popular throughout Argentina and are sure to be your new favorites as well.

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