16 Argentinian Desserts No One Can Turn Down

Argentina is home to Mendoza wine, Argentinian cowboys, and unique wildlife and landscapes. Yet, it’s also a country with a rich culinary history with many authentic dessert recipes.

Argentina takes dessert so serious that it even has its own dairy country, La Paila. It’s here that the cows undergo a special milking process that helps in making the famous dulce de leche.

Argentinian desserts range from pastries bursting with cream caramel to coffee-soaked chocolate cakes. 

So, ready to learn more about these Latin-inspired specialties? Read on for the 16 best Argentinian-made desserts you have to try.

1. Dulce de Leche

spoon full of dulce de leech on white background
Dulce de Leche

Dulce de leche remains the most popular of all Argentine desserts. As it gets used as the main ingredient in many of the country’s favorite dessert dishes.

This sweet caramel milk cream has the same consistency of jam. It gets made by heating sweetened milk to create a caramelization process.

You can eat dulce de leche right out of the jar. Or use it as a dessert topping or pastry filling.

It’s delicious spread on toast with your morning coffee. Yet, it also compliments cake, churros, and crepes for dessert. You can even use it to make your own dulce de leche ice cream.

You’ll find dulce de leche stuffed in Cubanitos. These are delicious cigar-shaped biscuits covered in chocolate.

Other confections filled with dulce de leche are cañoncitos, which resemble a cannoli. Or filled donuts called Bolas de fraile that get covered in powder sugar.

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2. Medialunas

Medialunas Argentine Dessert on white background

This Argentina dessert resembles croissants, yet not as sweet.  They are a delicious and flaky half-moon shaped pastry.

Medialunas get made with butter or lard. Yet, those made with butter are often sweeter in flavor.

You’ll find medialunas served at most Argentinean cafes. They are a morning treat that goes great with coffee. This includes Brazilian or Cuban coffee.

Enjoy this treat plain or filled with fruit. They sometimes even come topped with a sugar glaze. Or try dipping them in dulce de leche for a decadent treat.

3. Chocotorta

Chocotorta Argentinian Dessert filled with dulce de leech

Chocotorta is a standard Argentine dessert item for celebrating birthdays.

It gets made by soaking chocolate cookies in coffee or milk. Dulce de leche and cream cheese can also get layered inside the cake.

This dessert is easy to make as recipes recommend using store-bought Chocolinas cookies. You also don’t have to spend any time baking the cake.

For a more adult version, you can even use Kahlua to soak the cookies in.

4. Dulce de Membrillo

Sliced Dulce de Membrillo on cheese and bread
Dulce de Membrillo

This dessert features quince fruit (or Membrillo).

Quinces are one of the main foods found in Argentina and have many health benefits. They are full of vitamins, like potassium, pectin, and zinc.

This treat gets made by cooking the quince in water and sugar. This creates a tart yet sweet flavor.

Dulce de Membrillo can get eaten with bread or cheese. This dessert option also gets called Vigilante.

Dulce de Membrillo can also get used as a decadent pastry filling.

5. Dulce de Batata

Dulce de batata is a marmalade made with sweet potatoes. It gets its jelly-like consistency by slow cooking the sweet potatoes with sugar. This causes it to form into a sweet paste.

This dessert often gets served with cheese for a delicious flavor profile. Try dulce de batata layered on top of a nice manchego or goat cheese.

6. Alfajores

Two alfajores on black table

These Argentinian desserts are small cake-like sandwiches. 

It’s a popular South American cookie that contains two or three biscuits. They also contain a layer of dulce de leche inside.

Some bakers serve them filled with a mousse or fruit jam instead. They also come covered in chocolate or dusted in sugar powder. Alfajores may also get coated in coconut flakes.

It’s a sweet snack that often gets served with afternoon coffee or tea.

This famous cookie even made its way into the Guinness Book of World Records. These records show that the biggest Alfajores weighed 1,000 pounds.

7. Pastafrola

Pastafrola Argentinian Dessert served with milk

Pastafrola is an Argentinian layered shortcrust pie filled with jam. It features a crust topping in a pretty lattice pattern.

The jelly filling can be guava, dulce de membrillo (quince paste), dulce de batata (sweet potato paste), or strawberry flavored. Some bakers even make it with dulce de leche inside.

8. Budín de Pan

Budin de Pan Argentinian Dessert on white plate
Budin de Pan

This dessert is the Argentinian version of bread pudding. It gets favored as an easy and affordable dessert as you can use leftover bread.

The bread gets soaked in milk, eggs, vanilla, and sugar. It can also contain spices like cinnamon and nutmeg. The dessert can sometimes include lemon or raisins as well.

Argentina also has another authentic pudding recipe called Mazamorra. It’s much like rice pudding yet it gets made with leftover corn.

9. Flan

Argentine Dessert of Flan served on white plate
Argentinian Flan

This popular dessert features a creamy custard in a cake shape. Flan is one of the most recognized dessert options in South America and Spain.

It often shows up at birthday celebrations and on many restaurant’s dessert menus.

It gets made using fresh milk, eggs, and sugar. Flan can get served plain or topped with dulce de leche caramel.

10. Torta Rogel

Torta Rogel served with Cappucino on wood table
Torta Rogel

Rogel is a soft decadent cake that is as pretty as it is delicious. It gets made with eggs, butter, flour, and sometimes a bit of cognac for flavor.

The cake is more like a pastry, as it features many thin layers. Dulce de leche also gets layered between each of these thin pieces of cake. 

You’ll also find sweet and creamy meringue on the top layer of the cake.

11. Pastel de Ricota

This dessert is much like the Italian or American version of cheesecake. Yet, the traditional recipe features ricotta cheese, in pie form.

It’s creamy and smooth, with a hint of lemon flavor. Some bakers may even add in a few splashes of rum to sweeten the cake.

12. Conitos

Conitos Dessert filled with dulce de leech on white background
Conitos Postre Argentino

Conitos are yet another Argentine vailed attempt to enjoy heavenly dulce de leche. They are coned shape chocolate covered dulce de leche treats.

Popular Argentinian alfajor manufacturers such as Cachafaz and Havanna sell them. Cachafaz does in fact call them Conitos Cachafaz.

While Havanna’s version of them are widely known as Havannets.

13. Palmeritas

a dozen of Pameritas Argentinian Dessert

These ear-shaped Argentinian cookies are a delicious treat.

Flaky and sweet and typically covered in sugar, Palmeritas are quite simple to make yourself or you will find them at local Argentine bakeries known as panaderias.

14. Almendrado

Almendrado Argentinian Ice Cream Dessert

A popular Argentinian dessert typically found in Buenos Aires is Almendrado.

It is a delicious combination of  ice cream garnished with toasted almonds and melted chocolate drizzled on top. Could there be anything more delicious?

15. Torta Frita

Torta Frita Argentine Dessert in a basket
Torta Frita

Torta fritas translated means fried cakes. They are traditionally enjoyed with some yerba mate.

Torta fritas are fried dough sprinkled with sugar and usually served along with some dulce de leche or fruit jam.

16. Pastelitos

Plate os Argentinian Dessert Pastelitos on white background
Dulce de Membrillo & Batata filled Pastelitos

Pastelitos are a popular Argentine pastry, also known as facturas. In fact, pretty much all pastries in Argentina are known as facturas.

Bakers make pastelitos in such a way that when fried in hot oil, the dough separates into numerous layers, giving the pastelito its unique look of resembling a flower.

Sometimes they are filled with dulce de batata but more often dulce de membrillo is the filling of choice.

Satisfying Your Sweet Tooth with the Best Argentina Desserts

These 16 Argentina desserts are sure to please any palette. You’ll find these desserts in bakeries, restaurants, and stores all over the country.

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