Patagonia’s 7 Best Local Dishes

Some people love to travel. While other people love food. But most of us fall into a third category — those who love both food and travel.

After all, there’s really nothing better than exploring the world and discovering delicious new types of foods and drinks for the first time.

No matter which direction you choose to wander and explore, there is an endless landscape of delectable dishes that promise to make your tastebuds dance and sing.

When it comes to amazing international cuisine to discover and enjoy, it’s hard to beat Patagonia food.

Where Is Patagonia

Patagonia is an area shared by Argentina and Chile located  at the southern end of South America. The Patagonian region boasts a population of around 2 million people.

Thanks to it’s six national parks, Patagonia is famous for its incredibly scenic views and various outdoor activities including hiking and rock climbing.

What To Eat In Patagonia

In this article, we take you on a tour of typical Argentine and Chilean dishes that will make you want to book the next flight out of the country.

Keep reading to learn about 7 of the tastiest treats waiting for you in one of the most beautiful destinations in the world.

1. Chimichurri

Patagonia's chimichurri sauce on sliced skirt steak on slate board
Argentina’s Chimichurri Sauce

Salsa Chimichurri is a sauce made from onion, parsley, olive oil, oregano, chili pepper flakes, and garlic.

It’s tangy and garlicky and makes a perfect marinade or topping for various grilled meats.

Chimichurri can also be used on seafood dishes, and even as a tasty spread on bread as well.

2. Chupe de Centolla

Peruvian Seafood Dish Chupe de Camarones
Chupe de Camarones

Chupe de Centolla is a tasty seafood Chilean stew made from Patagonian King Crab. 

It’s so thick and creamy it sometimes doubles as a dip.

This is a delicious dish is made even better when topped with grated cheese.

Chupe de Centolla won’t disappoint visitors to the region.

3. Pisco Sours

Pisco sour with lemon wedge on wooden platter with green grapes
Pisco Sour

For anyone who loves a tasty adult beverage, here’s an alcoholic drink that’s made by mixing lime juice with Angostura bitters, egg white, syrup, and ice.

This cocktail is one of South America’s favorite drinks. Peruvian and Chileans both claim it their own and for good reason. Pisco Sour always hits the spot!

4. Asado

Patagonia's asado, steak, chicken and sausage on bbq
Argentinian Asado BBQ

Believe it or not, asado is actually Argentina’s national dish. This is barbecue food cooked over an open fire that typically includes meats ranging from sausage, pork, beef, ribs, and sweetbreads.

An Argentine asado is best when shared with family and friends. No real celebration is complete without it.

5. Empanadas de Cordero


Empanadas de Cordero is a delicious baked dough typically filled with a thick lamb stew that will instantly make your mouth water.

It’s a dish is popular in a number of countries, including Chile and Argentina, and every community likes to put their own twist on their own empanadas recipe.

6. Cordero al Palo

Cordero al Palo might not be on anyone’s national flag, but perhaps it should be.

After all, this is by far Patagonia’s most famous dish and is so delicious that any fan of smoky meats will instantly fall in love.

It’s made by roasting a lamb on a spit over an open fire until the meat is literally falling off the bone. While it will take some time cook, the wait is certainly worth it.

7. Yerba Mate

Argentinian yerba mate in gourd with bombilla
Yerba Mate

Here is another native drink that is ideal for nearly any social occasion.

It’s so popular in Patagonia that the average Argentinian consumes nearly 180 ounces of it every year. Yerba mate herbal and heavily caffeine-infused, and is the perfect drink to get any party started!

Amazing Patagonia Food for Your Next Party

Patagonia is a region of the world known for breathtaking scenery, gracious people, and world-class outdoor adventure opportunities.

And let’s not forget Patagonia food. It is truly second to none. There are so many recipes to discover and enjoy that you can eat for years without tiring of these delicious dishes.

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