What Food in Argentina Fits a Vegan Diet?

Buenos Aires is commonly referred to as the beef capital of the world, which can be discouraging for vegans who want to visit the city.

However, veganism is starting to grow on Argentinians and, in 2018, there were already 60 vegetarian and vegan restaurants in the capital.

Not only is the number of vegan restaurants increasing, but many of them are making plant-based of foods that are traditional to the country.

This means that even if you don’t eat beef and other animal products, you’ll still get a taste of the Argentinian culture and find out just how delicious their dishes are!

If you’re planning a trip to the country and want to know which food in Argentina you can eat, keep on reading.


Vegan Empanadas in a basket
Vegan Empanadas

No one should go to Argentina and not try out some empanadas.

Typically, Argentinian empanadas have beef or chicken inside. You’ll probably find a big variety of vegetarian empanadas, but keep in mind that the dough usually has eggs and milk.

Don’t buy just any veggie empanada you find; look for them at vegan restaurants instead.

Vegan Medialunas

Vegan Argentine Medialunas
Vegan Medialunas

Medialunas are like croissants and traditionally, they have plenty of animal products in them. From butter to dairy, honey, eggs… you name it.

However, you can find plant-based versions at vegan pastry stores, such as Sublêe Vegana.

Vegan Grill

Argentina Vegan Grill
Vegan Grill

Yes, you read it right. An Argentinian grill with no meat whatsoever. This is not your typical Argentinian asado.

At La Reverde Parrilita Vegana, for instance, you’ll find choripán and lomitos (sausage and meat sandwich, respectively). But instead of meat, these Argentinian delicacies are made with seitan.

Ensalada Completa

Argentina Ensalada Completa in a bowl
Ensalada Completa

Most Argentinian restaurants have an ensalada completa on their menu, so this is a good option when you go on group meals to a restaurant that isn’t vegan.

The dressing might include dairy and sometimes the original version of the salad has eggs. Double-check the ingredients and ask to remove/substitute any ingredients you can’t eat.

Vegan Alfajores

Vegan Argentina Alfajores stacked on table
Argentinian Vegan Alfajores

Alfajores are extremely popular traditional cookies from Argentina and some other countries in South America.

They usually have dulce de leche as the filling, but just like with the medialunas, you’ll find vegan alfajores at vegan pastry stores.


Argentinian Potatoes served in clay bowl
Papas Argentinas

Just like the ensalada completa, most restaurants in Argentina offer papas. Ask for both and you’ll definitely be satisfied!

Papas means potatoes, and they probably won’t have any animal products. Still, double-check with the waiter.

Vegan Food in Argentina: Try to Plan Ahead

As you can see, it might not be as hard as you first thought to find vegan food in Argentina.

However, since veganism is still not as big there as in other countries, it might be a good idea to plan ahead and see where you can eat around the place where you’re staying.

Another tip is to carry nutritious, filling snacks with you at all times. This way if you’re ever desperate for some food but can’t seem to find anything vegan around, you know you’ll have a backup plan.

Want to know more about the argentinian cuisine? Check our articles. And good travelings!

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