Why is Argentinian Beef So Delicious?

It’s not a surprise that Argentina consumes a whopping 55 kilograms (121 pounds) per capita of beef each year.

For starters, high-quality meat is accessible at affordable prices. To top that, it’s incomparably tender and rich in flavor when cooked.

So what makes the Argentinian beef taste so delicious?

Read on to find out. Be warned, you may be booking a trip to Argentina by the time you are done.

1. No Additives or Antibiotics Added

The beef industries of many countries feed their cattle with processed foods and growth hormones so that they can fatten up quickly and unnaturally. This diet may weaken the cows’ immunity. As a result, animals get injected with antibiotics to keep off infections.

On the contrary, Argentina-raised cattle require no additional antibiotics. The grass they feed on contains carbohydrate and proteins which help keep diseases away.

More importantly, the cows aren’t artificially rushed into growth. This results in high-quality meat.

2. Las Pampas Province


Las Pampas is a 289,577 square mile of grassland in Argentina known for its conducive cattle rearing environment. There are many different breeds of cattle that happily graze on this green landscape. This, in turn, helps them have healthy meat, which is leaner, more flavorful, and nutritious.

On top that, the grass in this area contains a high percentage of proteins, energy, and minerals. This means that Argentina meat offers less risk of heart disease and cholesterol to consumers.

3. Cooking Methods

A typical Argentinian steak is usually cooked on a parilla, a low-heat barbeque grill, fuelled with natural firewood and charcoal. It is a traditional Argentinian method that gives the beef a rich, smoky taste. It also makes the beef tender, despite having less fat and probably the biggest reason Argentinian steak made our 17 Delicious Argentine Food Dishes You Should Be Eating list.

Often, the meat is seasoned with only salt. However, you can add some flavor to your meat by serving it alongside some authentic chimichurri sauce.

4. Beef Cutting Styles

The Argentinian beef cuts also contribute to the meat’s superior flavor. Steak in Argentina is cut based on the texture of various parts of the cow.

For instance, the roast beef cut is a thin but tasty slice from the neck. On the other hand, the ribeye cut is a more chunky steak from the rib section. Another go-to Argentinian beef cutting technique is the “Bife Angosto” which offers a satisfying edge of fatty meat served in large portion to share with your friends.

These cuts allow the meat to be crispy and juicy when grilled over red, hot coal.

So, rather than having several single pieces of steak with different textures, the Argentina steak remains consistent with its taste all through. It also cooks evenly and stays tender to bite through easily.

What are You Waiting For? Try Some Argentinian Beef Today!

From the pointers above, it’s certain that the Argentinian beef has excellent flavor and texture. The greatest factor that makes this meat delicious is probably the fact that the animals get to live happy and normal lives, without any artificial growth.

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