Bauducco Panettone Means Feliz Natal

Bauducco Foods is a multi-national food company and leading producer of baked goods in Brazil. The company was founded in Sao Paolo by Italian immigrant Carlo Bauducco in 1950. Today it continues to be run by a third generation of Bauduccos.

Carlo Bauducco was born near the Italian city of Turin in 1906. As a young man he learned a great deal about the food business while working at his family’s pastry shop. He and his wife soon opened their own coffee shop in downtown Turin during World War II.

In 1948, Carlo and his family moved to Brazil. He began selling bread making machines to pastry shops in Sao Paulo.

In selling his machines, he noticed few bakeries sold panettone. And more importantly, none were making panettone on a large scale.

He seized the opportunity and began making panettones. Using his special recipe brought over from Italy, he and the rest of the Bauducco family have been doing so every holiday season since.

Traditional Brazilian Panettones
Traditional Brazilian Panettones

Why is Bauducco foods best known for their world famous panettone? The Bauducco panettone recipe is quite simple.

Use only the best ingredients, let the dough rise with natural fermentation. And patiently allow 52 hours to producing each individual panettone.

In the last 60 years not much has changed to the process in which Bauducco Panettones are made. Supreme quality and family tradition make Bauducco the best selling Panettone in the USA and world.

Bauducco Panettone is made with Sun Maid raisins. And it’s partner in crime, Chocottone is made with Hershey’s chocolate and too, are holiday favorites.

Bauducco Chocottone
Bauducco Chocottone

The sight of panettones means Christmas is here. A Brazilian Christmas meal would not be complete without Bauducco panettones! 

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