11 Best Brazilian Street Food Nibbles for Creating a Carnival Atmosphere

In 2017, 6.5 million people visited Brazil.

Some of them may have traveled there for fútbol, but no matter what your plans are, you have to try some of the food while you’re there.

Brazilian street food is a treat worth trying at home to recreate the energy and buzz of Rio Carnival. Start planning your next high-energy feast here.

1. Pão de Queijo

Brazilian Street Food Pao de queijo filled with jam
Pao de Queijo filled with jam

Pão de queijo is actually a type of cheese bread. This Brazilian street food actually has its roots from the Brazilian African slaves. They would get the scraps from their cooking and make these.

These snacks are normally fluffy and light, made with cassava flour and cheese.

These are normally eaten for breakfast, but you can eat it whatever time of day you would like. You can even order them “as is” and receive them hot and fresh out of the oven.

If you love cheese, you can also ask for them to cut it open and put even more cheese inside of it. If you want something sweeter, they can also put the jam inside of it.

Once you try them, you definitely won’t be able to eat just one. You can find these in almost every bakery.

2. Kibe

Platter of Brazilian Kibe

Kibe originally started in the Middle East, but now they are a very popular food in Brazil. Other countries make these meat patties with all kinds of different meats, but Brazil mainly uses beef.

These meat patties are made with bulgur wheat, minced beef, and minced onions. These ingredients are combined and turned into meat patties. They can be seasoned with a bunch of different spices, and then they are usually fried.

3. Picanha

Brazilian Piranha served on a skewer on a cutting board

If you don’t want meat patties, you can also order picanha. It’s still beef, but this time it’s barbecued.

To make this, they will take the best part of the beef, normally an equivalent to sirloin. This ensures that the beef will be full of fat which means there will be more taste in the meat. When it’s barbecued, the flavor stands out even more.

The Picanha is normally seasoned with either black pepper or rock salt, but if it’s not, you can add it on afterward.

4. Pastel

Brazilian Pastel Snack

Pastel is small, fried squares. These little squares can be filled with almost anything, but a popular choice is cheese.

This popular Brazilian street food can also filled with meat. There are also sweeter versions if you have more of a sweet tooth.

These pastels were actually inspired by Chinese egg rolls. In World War II, the Japanese made their way to Brazil, and the country adopted some of their traditions and foods.

5. Açai Na Tigela

Acai Na Tigela Brazilian Fruit Dish
Acai Na Tigela

Some of the best açai berries come from the Amazon. Açai is very popular even in America, so this may not be as foreign of a food as some of the others.

This is also healthy for you because this meal is low in sugar. It also has plenty of antioxidants.

The açai berries are normally frozen and smashed and mixed with other healthy options, like strawberries, bananas, granola, and honey.

If you want to try this out, you can order it at most cafes and juice bars. Some restaurants even serve them.

6. Aipim Frito

Aipim Frito Brazilian Cassava Fries in a bowl
Aipim Frito

If you want something a little bit healthier, aipim frito is a great choice. You can even ask to have them baked to make them even healthier.

These are basically like yuca fries, made from cassava and are incredibly delicious.

7. Coxinha

Coxinha served on a white plate with ketchup

Coxinha, also known as chicken croquettes, is also something you need to add to your food bucket list. This is also a deep-fried food. The fry is formed from dough that is covered in breadcrumbs.

Then this dough is formed to look like a chicken leg. Inside of it is shredded chicken and cheese.  While this is the standard one, you can also get different fillings instead.

For example, popular fillings can also be different fruits and vegetables. This food originated in São Paulo, but now it’s popular in all of Brazil.

8. Brigadeiro

Brigadeiros served in blue foil

Once you’ve had your dinner, you can get brigadeiro for dessert. This is a popular dessert in Brazil and ranked #1 in our 11 Brazilian Desserts You’ve Never Heard Of-and Won’t Ever Forget.

Made with butter, cocoa, and condensed milk, this small cake-like food is one that you have to try.

This food was actually named off of a Brazilian politician from the ’40s. Because it only needs a few ingredients to make, it was easy to make during World War II when fresh ingredients were hard to come by.

This dessert will definitely provide a carnival feel, and you can also get extras added onto this cake. Some people add almonds or coconut flakes to the top of the tiny cake to add just a little bit of extra flavor.

9. Mandioca Frito

Mandioca Frito
Mandioca Frito

If you are missing some chips, you should get some mandioca fritos. These are yuca or also called cassava chips. Cassava is one of the most important sources of carbohydrates for Brazilians.

These fritos are actually kind of like potato chips in America. They are also easy to make, you can find our recipe here.

10. Churro

Brazilian Churro with girl holding it into camera
Brazilian Churro & Dolce de Leite

Churros are most closely associated with Spain. But Brazilians love their churros too! Traditionally churros are topped with melted chocolate or smothered in cinnamon or sprinkled with sugar. However, Brazilians do it slightly different, dipping the tip of their churros into doce de leite, more commonly known as dulce de leche.

11. Feijoada

Caldinho de Feijao served in a white bowl

Feijoada is widely considered the national dish of Brazil. It also made our list of 19 Best Brazilian Foods You Have To Try Right Away.

This is an hearty option that will warm you up during the cold months. This Brazilian stew is made with black beans, beef and pork, and is somewhat similar to chili in America.

If it’s cold outside, you couldn’t find a more comforting dish. You will practically find feijoada served in every bar and restaurant in Brazil.

Try Brazilian Street Food Today

You can try some of these Brazilian street foods when you visit the country. However, there is still plenty more to learn about Brazilian food.

For example, if fish is your thing, learn more about Brazil’s famous fish stew, Moqueca. Or maybe you’re looking for something to wash it all down with, then Caipirinha might be the answer.

To find some great Brazilian recipes or to shop for Brazilian foods & drinks visit our online store.

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