5 Best Fried Brazilian Dishes

Do you consider yourself a “foodie”? Have you recently returned from Brazil and already miss some of their signature dishes? Or maybe you want to carry on your family’s Hispanic culture through the food you make?

Whichever one you relate to, these are all good reasons to learn about Brazil’s famous fried food! Brazil has a long history of fried food that is hard for other countries to match. Yes, that’s right, even America.

Here are the top five very best fried Brazilian dishes. Keep reading to learn exactly what they are.

1. Bolinhos de Bacalhau – Brazilian Codfish Balls

Brazilian Codfish Balls with lime in a bowl
Bolinhos de Bacalhau

Are you a fan of seafood? Then you’ll love this dish! It’s exactly what’s in the name: codfish fried into bite-size balls.

You can make these with breading in an oven, but why do that when you can fry them? The bulk of the dish is made up of potatoes mixed with cod. A filling dish if there ever was one!

Codfish balls are super popular. They’re commonly served in Brazilian food trucks or street stands. The recipe even has five stars on Food Network!

2. Pasteis


Pasteis are another common Brazilian street food, but these are considered a delicacy! And you’ll certainly understand why once you try one.

These little tasties are essentially deep-fried savory pastries. Get them with chicken, shrimp, or beef. Be sure to throw in plenty of cheese!

Pasteis are a whole new take on what you consider “pastries.” You won’t regret getting to know these Brazilian beauties!

3. Yuca Frita – Yuca Fries

Plate of Brazilian Yuca Fries
Yuca Frita

Have you ever heard of yuca? Yuca is the root of the Cassava plant. Although it’s not a common or well-known plant in American cuisine, it definitely is in Brazil and the rest of Latin America. There are many delicious dishes that can be made with yuca.

Yuca looks and tastes similar to potatoes. They’re also prepared in a similar way to potatoes: boiled, baked, or, in this case, chopped up and fried!

Yuca fries are a staple in Brazilian food. You can’t claim to know Brazilian culture until you’ve tried (and maybe even until you love) yuca fries.

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4. Brazilian Fried Bananas

Brazilian Fried Bananas on wooden platter
Brazilian Fried Bananas

You may have had a fried banana at a local carnival or street fair. But did you know that fried bananas are originally a Brazilian sweet?

That’s right, sweet fried bananas. You fry banana halves then roll them in a sugar and cinnamon mixture. Repeat that process (as many times as you want, really).

These are perfect not only for street or festival food, but also for a BBQ, a party, or movie treat. Plus if you want to avoid excess use of oil, you can fry them in butter instead of oil!

5. Frango A Passarinho – Brazilian Fried Chicken

Brazilian Fried Chicken ina bowl with lime
Brazil’s Frango A Passarinho

Frango A Passarinho, or, in other words, Brazilian fried chicken. Who doesn’t love a good piece of fried chicken?

The Brazilian trick to this dish is how you season and bread the wings. It involves a lot of garlic, both in the seasoning and the garnish on top, so all you garlic lovers unite!

These aren’t spicy, but they have a garlicky, lime-y kick. We think you’ll love it!

The Best Fried Brazilian Dishes Will Change How You See Fried Food!

You may be used to corn dogs, fried chicken, maybe even fried Oreos. But have you experienced codfish balls? Deep-fried pastries? Yuca fries?

If not, you’re missing out! These are the top five best fried Brazilian dishes. You’ll hear foodies rave about them, no matter their country of origin.

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