11 Brazilian Desserts You’ve Never Heard Of–and Won’t Ever Forget

Brazil has some of the best wine that you can buy but that’s not the only tasty thing that you’ll find during your time there.

You’ll also come across some pretty amazing Brazilian desserts that will compliment that wine you bought perfectly.

To help you in your Brazilian food adventure, here are a few desserts that you’ve probably never heard of before but you need to try at least once while you’re there.

1. Brigaderio

Brigadeiros on a white plate

Brigaderio is one of Brazils most loved desserts. In fact, no special occasion can be had without it.

This is a good dessert to introduce to your spouse or family because it’s meant to be shared.

It’s made up of condensed milk, butter, cocoa powder, and chocolate sprinkles.

A recipe that’s so simple that you can make it right at home but for this dessert, it’s less about the ingredients and more about the sentiment.

2. Bolo de Rolo

Bolo de Rolo Brazilian dessert sliced on cutting board
Bolo de Rolo

The Bolo de Rollo is another favorite of Brazil. It’s a rolled cake that’s created by thin layers of cake batter. This one is a little harder to make at home than the Brigaderio.

The biggest challenge with the Bolo De Rolo is making the batter thin enough to roll into the cake but not so thin that it falls apart.

You also have to have a fairly large number of them. It’s easy to mess up this is why it’s best just to bring your family and friends one back from Brazil.

3. Mousse de Maracuja

Mousse de Maracuja in glass cup with spoon
Mousse de Maracuja

Is chocolate not really your thing? If you’re someone who prefers something with a fruity taste than the mousse de maracuja is exactly what you’re looking for.

It’s a light, creamy mousse that’s made out of maracuja or passion fruit.

Unlike the last dessert on our list, this one is very easy to make at home so if you try it in Brazil and love it, you can bring it to life in your home anytime you want. All you need is passion fruits, sugar, condensed milk, and cream.

4. Bolo de Cenoura

Sliced Bolo de Cenoura Brazilian Cake on glass plate
Bolo de Cenoura

If you enjoy carrot cake then you may recognize some of the flavors in the Bolo de Cenoura cake.

It’s essentially a less sweet carrot cake that’s topped with chocolate. This version of the cake focuses more on the carrot ingredient than anything else.

This makes it, as we said, a little less sweet, but it’s still spongy and a lot more healthy.

5. Canjica

Candice white corn Brazilian dessert with white kernels of corn spilled out

Canjica is a great Brazilian dessert if you’re wanting to sweeten up your breakfast a little bit.

It’s a dessert porridge that’s created using canjica (a type of corn cultivated in Brazil), coconut milk, cinnamon, and sugar.

You’ll see this particular dessert around a lot if you go to Brazil in June as it’s a large part of their winter festival.

6. Pe de Moleque

Pe de Moleque and loose peanuts on green picnic table cloth
Pe de Moleque

If you enjoy peanut brittle then you’ll also like the Pe de moleque.

It’s got the same consistency as peanut brittle while being sweet with a salty crunch. Peanuts are toasted and coated in sugar syrup.

If you want, you can have yours made with honey instead of the sugar syrup.

This is another dessert you’ll see around if you go to Brazil in June because it’s also a large part of the winter festival.

7. Pacoca


Pacoca is a little dry so to enjoy it you should probably order it with a cup of coffee. The dry texture is because it’s made of Peanuts, sugar, and salt. Very dry ingredients.

It also contains cassava flour, corn, or oats depending on what type you make/order.

8. Brazil Nut Sponge Cake with Baba de Moca

Brazil nut sponge cake with baba de moca is sort of like a coconut cream cake but a little spongier. The baba de moca filling is coconut custard that’s a perfect compliment to the sponge cake.

It’s sweet but not sweet enough to be overwhelming. It’s topped with meringue which sort of brings all the flavors together while also making the cake look almost too gorgeous to eat.

9. Tapioca Pancakes

Tapioca pancakes with chocolate and bananas
Tapioca Pancakes

This is another dessert that’s great for breakfast. While they’re called pancakes, the consistency is more like that of a crape.

They’re a popular street food so you can get them pretty much anywhere you go in Brazil.

They’re light, crispy and a lot more healthy for you than American pancakes.

You can also get them filled with just about anything you want so what’s not to love?

10. Nega Maluca


Nega maluca will quickly become one of your favorite desserts in Brazil because it’s chocolate cake. You can’t go wrong with chocolate cake especially when you get it in Brazil.

It’s a little more savory than the chocolate cake you would make from a box or even from scratch in America. Due to the taste difference, this cake is best served with coffee, or wine if that’s what you want.

11. Bem Casado

Bem Casado Brazilian wedding desserts
Bem Casado

Destination weddings are becoming more and more popular.

So, if you’re going to Brazil to get married rather than simply visit, you’ll want plenty of bem casados as your wedding favors.

They’re two sponge cakes that are wrapped together and filled with either jam, curd, cream, or chocolate. They’re supposed to symbolize a happy marriage.

Bonus Dessert: Romeu e Julieta

Brazilian dessert, Romeu e Julieta
Brazilian dessert, Romeu e Julieta

Perhaps the most simple of all Brazilian dessert recipes, Romeu e Julieta

All you need to make Romeu e Julieta is goibada commonly known as guava paste and queijo minas, perhaps Brazil’s most popular cheese.

Simply slice two even portions and lay the goibada on top of your queijo minas and you’ll experience love at first bite!

Brazilian Desserts that Are a Must Try

If you’re going to Brazil then you can’t pass up on some of these delicious Brazilian desserts. They pair perfectly with coffee or wine and will quickly become the highlight of your trip.

You don’t have to order all your desserts from a fancy restaurant when you go to Brazil.

Even the boxed stuff is quite delicious. Keep reading to learn more about one of Brazil’s leading provider of baked goods.


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