5 Popular Brazilian Rainforest Fruits

The Amazon rainforest is home to interesting foods, especially fruits.

With the Amazon rainforest in the middle of the country, it makes sense that Brazilians would dine on a plethora of rainforest foods. Brazil’s portion of the Amazon is known for its many unique fruits that are widespread delights.

The fruits that are produced there are used in native drinks and various dishes, and many of them provide a lot of health benefits too.

Continue reading to learn about some of the best Brazilian rainforest foods.


Guarana fruit from Brazil on a white background

Your typical Brazil main dish will often be accompanied by guaraná in one way or another.

These fruits have a unique appearance that is similar to an eyeball, and they’re usually used in soda, which is commonly drank in Brazil.

Brazilian Guarana Soda in glass with ice
Guarana Soda

Guaraná beverages are massively popular throughout the entire country because of their unique, sweet taste.

You’ll find guarana soda throughout the country; at restaurants, sports venues, schools and virtually every Brazilian refrigerator.

Guarana Antarctica is Brazil’s best selling guarana soda. It’s dominance is akin to Coca Cola’s here in the USA and it is the largest sponsor of the Brazilian National Soccer team.


Caucau Brazilian Fruit

If you ever ask “what do Brazilians eat?” Chocolate is one of the most popular foods. Cacau is actually a fruit that’s used to make chocolate. In fact, it’s the main ingredient!

Rainforest peoples actively produce cacau because they are a great source of income and provide excellent treats.


Maracuya Brazilian Rainforest fruit on white background
Maracuya Juice and fruit on wood table
Maracuya Juice

Maracuja is commonly known as passion fruit. Along with açai, passion fruit is loaded with antioxidants and nutrients.

They also contain a lot of potassium, which is beneficial for heart health and blood pressure.

Maracuja pulp is regularly used in drinks and smoothies. And this Brazilian fruit is also very popular in making some of Brazil’s tastiest desserts like pies, cakes, mousse, and ice cream.


Pieces of Buriti Brazilian Fruit
Buriti Fruit

Buriti is famous for being a superfood that’s beneficial to women. It contains nutrients that promote healthy skin and hormones. These natural hormones can be used to supply someone that suffers from a deficiency.

Because of the health benefits, these fruits are often used in supplements and skincare products. These fruits are so beneficial to the skin that they’re even used by themselves as a natural sunscreen. Talk about superfoods!


Acai fruit berries on white background
Brazil’s Acai
Acai Fruit Smoothie
Acai Smoothie

Açai is used in many Brazilian desserts. It’s a berry that is often used in ice cream and fruit bowls, but it’s also used in drinks to add flavor.

Açai smoothies and juices are very common in Brazilian cities along the coast, such as São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

Açai contains a plethora of antioxidants and nutrients, making them one of the healthiest fruits around.

According to some studies, acai is richer in antioxidants than cranberries, raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, or blueberries.

Invest in Some Rainforest Foods

Sunset of Amazon Brazilian Rainforest
Amazon Rainforest

Brazil and it’s rainforest foods are unique and offer an abundance of health benefits and tastes that you’ve never experienced before. Many of their foods are difficult to come by because they’re only produced in South America.

We recommend trying to go out of your way to try some of the foods down there. It will be a worthwhile journey, you’ll enjoy every second.

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