Eating Brazilian Churrasco: 7 Churrascaria Tips to Remember

If you’re planning on having some churrasco soon, also known as Brazilian BBQ, then you’re in for a special treat.

Going to a churrascaria is an amazing experience; not only is the food amazing, but the service is exemplary too!

Brazil is home to many incredible dishes but dining on Brazilian meats, especially at a churrascaria is quite impressionable.

To help you prepare for your next culinary adventure, here are 7 tips to remember when eating Brazilian churrasco.

1. Pace Yourself

We know; everything smells absolutely delectable, which may make you want to attack all your food at once. But if you do that, you won’t have any room in your stomach for the main event: the grilled meat.

No matter how hungry you are, remember to leave plenty of room for the BBQ dishes.

2. Skip the Salad Bar

Brazilian Churrascaria Salad Bar
Brazilian Churrascaria Salad Bar

If you really want to get your money’s worth, skip the salad bar and side dishes. You’re there for Brazilian churrasco, so forget about everything else.

Eating anything but the meats is just a waste of your precious stomach space.

3. Use the Signs on Your Table

Once you’re done with your appetizers, use the signs on your table to indicate to the servers that you’re ready to sample some Brazilian BBQ. Usually, the signs will have red and green cards.

When you’re ready, flip it to green, then to red when you’ve had your fill.

4. You Don’t Have to Try Everything

Brazilian Churrascaria Cuts of Meat on Skewers
Brazilian Churrascaria Cuts of Meat

Just because a myriad of servers come parading by your table with every type of meat imaginable doesn’t mean you have to say “yes” to every single one.

If you’re not adventurous and don’t want to try chicken heart, or you want to save your stomach space for beef, all you have to do is say “no, thank you” and everything’s all good.

5. Definitely Try Picanha Though

Brazilian Picanha steak on a skewer being cut
Picanha Steak

The picanha cut is considered the crown jewel of churrascarias. This rump cut is so highly sought after that some people don’t eat anything but picanha when they go to a churrascaria.

6. Use Your Entire Time Limit

Eating isn’t a race, so again, follow tip #1 and don’t gorge yourself in 15 minutes. Instead, take your time, and take breaks if needed.

To get your money’s worth, sit in for the entire time limit if you have the spare time. For instance, if the time limit is three hours, spread out your BBQ intake over this time frame so you don’t feel overly stuffed within one hour.

7. Go for Lunch Instead of Dinner

You’re more than likely going to stuff yourself full of Brazilian BBQ, so you don’t want to head home just to go to sleep a few hours later, still bloated with food.

If you go for lunch, you’ll be able to go for a nice stroll afterward to help digest your meal.

Enjoy Your Brazilian Churrasco

Woman eating at a brazilian churrascaria
Dining at a Churrascaria

Now that you have some tips on Brazilian churrasco under your belt, all you have to worry about is filling your belly with some delicious meat.

Bon appetit! Or as Brazilians would say, bom proveito!

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