Farofa: The National Side Dish of Brazil

When it comes to delicious Brazilian food, farofa is a tried and true staple.

 This hearty side dish can be found next to a variety of entrees and can be made using a myriad of tasty ingredients.

Read on to learn more about farofa and what it takes to make this memorable side dish for a true culinary adventure.

What is Farofa?

Brazilian Farofa in black pot
Brazilian Farofa

Farofa is a classic Brazilian side dish that is primarily made from toasted manioc flour.

This recipe blends the flour with foods like bacon or other smoky meats to give it a hearty flavor. Manioc flour also refers to yucca or cassava flour.

This recipe is commonly mixed with nuts or raisins, and you’ll also find hard-boiled or scrambled eggs included, too.

To really take things up a notch, bananas are typically added to the recipe.

Bananas and raisins give farofa a subtle sweetness, while the smokiness of the bacon offsets the sweet flavor.

Chefs can add or subtract whatever they choose to make a custom farofa dish.

What to Eat with Farofa

Brazilian side dish of Farofa served with Moqueca
Brazilian side dish of Farofa served with Moqueca

Since farofa is considered the official side dish of Brazil, you’ll find it served with a variety of different meals.

It’s most commonly found served with hearty stews like Moqueca and traditional barbecue dishes.

You can also use farofa as a stuffing for poultry. Think of it as similar to the American version of stuffing but with a ton of Brazilian flavors and flair.

Brazilian Farofa with Chicken in white dish
Brazilian Farofa with Chicken

The recipe for farofa can vary depending on the individual chef’s taste or the region of Brazil where it is served.

It’s also found commercially made and packaged, although the homemade version is much more flavorful.

The raw flour is toasted with either olive oil or vegetable oil to give it a nice texture and brown coloring.

Then, salt and smoked meat and spices are added for a rich, deep flavor.

Farofa Recipe Tips

Making brazilian farofa in a pot with bacon
Making Farofa with bacon

If you want to try your hand at making farofa yourself, toasting the flour to the perfect consistency is key.

Make sure your pan of oil is hot before adding the flour, then allow it to toast for around six to eight minutes.

The flour should be toasted but not burnt. You can opt to cook the bacon first, then toast the flour in the bacon fat for even more intense flavor.

Garlic and other spices are optional but they will bring this side dish to the next level.

Don’t forget to add some fruit like mashed bananas, chopped apples, or raisins to the ingredient mix.

Serve the finished product with your main course or sprinkle it onto the dish as an additional flavoring.

If you can’t find cassava or manioc flour locally, corn flour is a good substitute.

Colored Brazilian Farofa with fruits
Brazilian Farofa with Fruits

Experience the Flavors of Brazil

Try some farofa if you truly want to immerse yourself in the amazing flavors of Brazilian food. This side dish is easy to make and you can tweak the recipe to suit your own personal taste.

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