Pão de Queijo, Brazilian Cheese Bread

You’ll find them devoured all over Brazil; in Brazilian kitchens and restaurants. Sold in bakeries and by street vendors alike.

Pão de queijo is Brazil’s #1 culinary pastime. The famous Brazilian cheese bread is a staple of the Brazilian diet and with good reason.

If you haven’t tried them yet, you won’t regret it. These savory cheese snacks are overwhelming to the senses and enjoyed throughout the day.

Pao de queijo is a great breakfast companion to your favorite Brazilian coffee. Or even as a snack enjoyed in between meals.

Brazilian Coffee and Brazilian cheese bread pan de queijo in a basket
Traditional Brazilian Favorite Pao de Queijo

The typical pão de queijo recipe calls for two main ingredients. The first is cassava which is used to make manioc flour and tapioca flour. You can use either the sweet tapioca flour (polvilho doce) or sour tapioca flour (polvilho azedo). 

The second main ingredient is the traditional Brazilian cheese used in making pao de queijo called queijo de Minas. Queijo de Minas has been traditionally produced in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais located in the southeastern part of Brazil. 

Wheel of Brazilian Minas Cheese known as Queijo Minas
Queijo Minas

The taste is similar to mozzarella or even Monterey Jack cheese. However, most American recipes you’ll find will use Parmesan cheese. To each their own. Probably best to use whatever cheese you enjoy most.

For those who don’t know their way around a kitchen or simply don’t care too, you can enjoy the frozen or ready mix version of pão de queijo.

If your fortunate enough to live near a Brazilian community, you’ll find each of these versions easily enough. However, if that’s not the case you can buy pão de queijo mix online.  

The most popular of these mixes is Yoki pao de queijo, which is made by one of the largest food companies in all of Brazil. Other popular Brazilian food manufacturers include Amafil, Forno de Minas, Pinduca and Julia.

Basket of pan de queijo
Pao de Queijo

Pao de queijo is without a doubt the most popular Brazilian food there is.

However you choose to enjoy Brazil’s soft and chewy cheese snacks, one thing is for sure, you’ll be hooked for life! Bom apetite!

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