11 Colombian Drinks You Should Be Sipping On Right Now

According to research, there were over 4.4 million tourists that visited Colombia in 2018. People travel to Colombia for all sorts of reasons, such as culture, landscapes, history, food, and of course the delicious Colombian drinks.

Colombian cuisine is very diverse. There is a wide variety of hot and cold drinks and delicious cocktails for any occasion, and of course, coffee.

If you are high up in the mountains on a rainy day, there is nothing better than a cozy cup of hot chocolate with cheese. If you are chilling on the beach on a hot Cartagena day, there are many cold alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages to cool you down.

Depending on your tastebuds and desires, Colombian drinks will satisfy even the most particular palette.

So, what exactly are these drinks? How do you make them, and where in Colombia are they from? Keep on reading to learn all the answers to these questions and more.

1. Champú

Champu drink and lulos on white background
Champú Colombian Drink

You’ll seee them being enjoyed on the streets of Colombia on a hot summer day. I’m talking about Champús, of course.  Typically made with dried corn, pineapple, mashed lulos (also known as naranjilla), cinnamon, cloves, panela, orange zest and lots and lots of ice, Champús are incredibly refreshing. In southern Colombia, Champú is mainly considered a Christmas drink.

2. Chocolate Santafereño

Chocolate Santafereño served with pandebono and cheese
Chocolate Santafereño

No matter where in Colombia you are, from the high altitude of Bogota to the mountain area of Salento, you cannot walk far without seeing a sign for Chocolate Santafereño.

This drink is basically hot chocolate with cinnamon, made with whole milk and added sugar. What’s unique about this hot chocolate is that it typically comes with a big chunk of special salty cheese (con queso) and arepas Colombianas. Or it can be enjoyed as a perfect compliment to Colombia’s famed breakfast dish, Calentado.

3. Salpicon

Numerous cups of Colombian Salpicon de Frutas
Salpicon de Frutas

With the abundance of fresh fruit available in Colombia, it’s no wonder Salpicon was created. Salpicon is a cross between smoothie and tropical fruit salad and typically sold by street vendors.

The beautiful marriage of diced chunks of papaya, watermelon, mango and banana to Colombia’s popular soda, Colombiana will have you wanting more.

4. Limonada De Coco

Limonada de Coco Drink with half a coconut and lime
Limonada de Coco

If you meet anyone who has been to Colombia, chances are you would have heard about Limonada De Coco. This incredibly delicious beverage consists of fresh coconut cream, fresh lime juice, ice, and sugar to taste. This drink also makes delicious popsicles.

While you’ll find it throughout Colombia, Limonada de Coco is extremely popular in the northern coastal regions of Cartagena and Barranquilla.

5. Aguapanela

Aguapanela with panels chunks and lemon wedge on wooden table

Aguapanela, or agua de Panela (sugarcane water), is a delicious sugar cane drink served either hot or cold. Panela comes from sugar cane and looks like a big block of hard brown sugar.  This drink is easily made with 2.5 parts hot water to panela, melted in a pot and served with a lime wedge, delicious!

Many Colombians swear by it’s medicinal benefits too, as aguapanela is commonly used to cure the flu.

6. Canelazo

Two Canelazo Colombian Drinks

Canelazo is a strong yet cozy concoction of aguapanela, cloves, lime juice, and cinnamon, heated up and mixed with Colombia’s signature alcohol, “Aguardiente”, AKA firewater.

This cocktail beverage is great for a cold night, and also incredible for fighting off colds.

7. Café Colombiano

Cup of Coffee on a wooden table with the Colombian flag
Café Colombiano

A list of the best drinks of Colombia can’t be without it’s most famous drink of all, Colombian Coffee. What apple pie is to the United States, coffee is to Colombia. Coffee is a way of life in Colombia, and obviously in other countries too, as coffee exports represent about 10% of Colombia’s total exports by value.

Colombia is home to some of the top coffee producers in the world; Colcafe, Cafe Sello Rojo, Cafe Aguila just to name few. You’ll be hard pressed to find anything better then a fine cup of Colombian coffee while enjoying some of Colombia’s best desserts. You can shop for Colombian coffee here.

8. Coco Loco

Two Coco Loco Drinks served in coconut shells on the beach
Coco Loco

After a hot day in one of the many coastal cities in Colombia, it is common to see people drinking a coconut shell filled with the famous coco loco beverage.

Coco Loco translates to crazy coconut, and after reading the ingredients, you will know how crazy it really is. There are equal parts Rum, Tequila, and Vodka, mixed with coconut cream, coconut water, lime juice, and served over ice in a half-shelled coconut.

Drink this one slowly, as coco loco creeps up on people with all that alcohol on a hot day. Thankfully, it has coconut water to hydrate you at the same time!

9. Lulada

Lulada Colombian drink with lulos on a white background

Lulada is a refreshing Colombian beverage from Cali, Colombia. It gets its name from lulos, a fruit common to the region. A Lulada is made from mashed lulos, lime juice and water. Sugar is added to give it an ideal balance of sweet and tart. It has a similar texture and consistency of a smoothie. Vodka can be added to give it some kick.

10. Avena Colombiana

Two glasses of Colombian Avena with cinnamon sticks and sugar
Avena Colombiana

Colombian Avena is essentially an oatmeal based smoothie. I know, it probably doesn’t sound too good but once the rest of the ingredients (milk, water, cinnamon, cloves, and sugar) are added and left to chill for 3 hours you’ll be quite surprised how good it truly is.

Avena Colombian is typically served for breakfast but can be enjoyed anytime of day.

11. Colombian Sodas

Three glasses of Colombian soda nd ice
Assorted Flavors of Colombian Sodas

Every country has it’s favorite domestic go-to sodas and Colombia’s no different. The leading brand of soft drinks from Colombia is Postobon.

Unlike here in the states with Coke and Pepsi, Postobon is far and away the most popular brand of soda in Colombia. Traditional flavors include it’s Colombiana cola champagne, as well as Postobon’s apple, grape, orange, pineapple, strawberry and lemon flavors.

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