Gallo Pinto Is Costa Rican Pura Vida!

Gallo Pinto is the national and extraordinarily popular dish of Costa Rica. Translated into english, gallo pinto means spotted rooster. The name comes from the dish’s multi-colored appearance of the combination of white rice and beans.

It is a hearty and nutritious dish. Because of it’s inexpensive ingredients, it is a staple of many Latin American countries.

Nicaraguans will tell you it’s native to their country but Costa Ricans will insist it’s in fact their own.

The main difference in the two, Nicaraguans using either black or red beans and Costa Ricans using primarily black beans.

While there are many variations of gallo pinto recipes, in all cases, rice and beans are at the recipes core. With different seasonings being the determining x factor.

For instance, there are some recipes that suggest using Worcestershire Sauce. While others insist using Salsa Lizano which is manufactured in Costa Rica.

I’ve tried it using both sauces and would definitely recommend the Lizano sauce for it’s tangy and unique flavor. Other main ingredients like cilantro, onions and peppers are usually added too.

Gallo Pinto is typically eaten for breakfast along with eggs. However, most Ticos (Costa Ricans) will eat it anytime of day. Try it, and you too will experience Costa Rican Pure Vida!

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