Lizano Sauce Or Salsa Lizano? There Is No Substitute

Lizano Sauce or Salsa Lizano? No matter how you pronounce it, this is good sauce!

Salsa Lizano or Lizano Sauce is a Costa Rican condiment made from fresh vegetables and natural condiments.

It was developed in 1920 when Mister Lizano manufactured this tasty new sauce in his home in Costa Rica.

Lizano Sauce was a result of an exquisite blend of vegetables and natural condiments which Mr. Lizano selected to create the sauce’s unique taste and aroma. And it contains no artificial flavorings or colorings.

What is Lizano Sauce Made of?

The exact recipe for Lizano Sauce is kept secret. But Salsa Lizano ingredients include water, vinegar, sugar, salt, black pepper, cumin, mustard, turmeric and fresh vegetables such as carrots, cucumbers, cauliflower and onion.

It is light brown in color and somewhat thin in consistency.

What Does Salsa Lizano Taste Like?

With a sweet, mildly spicy favor lent to it by the black pepper and cumin, there truly is no salsa lizano substitute.

Originally manufactured and produced by the Lizano Company, Lizano Sauce is now a product of Unilever.

This uniquely flavored sauce is produced in a factory in Costa Rica. The workers in the factory help to prepare various components of the sauce but none of them know the entire recipe.

It is said that only the master sauce maker is given access to the entire recipe to maintain secrecy.

Where Can I Buy Lizano Sauce?

In Costa Rica you can purchase your bottle of Lizano sauce in a wide range of sizes and containers and it’s even available in plastic half gallon jugs.

This Costa Rican condiment is becoming very popular in North America as well. Although Lizano Sauce has become increasingly available commercially in North America, it is still a hit or miss finding it in specialty ethnic stores.

So where to buy Salsa Lizano?  Most consumers in the United States can buy lizano sauce at a gourmet store or simply purchase it online at Amazon or Amigofoods.

Salsa Lizano Dishes

In Costa Rica, Lizano Sauce is used to prepare a multitude of dishes. And is almost always found on restaurant tables. The sauce is most commonly used in traditional Costa Rican dishes such as gallo pinto (a dish of beans and rice fried together) and tamales.

The slightly sweet flavor of Pure Vida is also said to enhance the flavor of eggs, cheese, curries, beans, and rice among other things. It also serves as a flavorful marinade for chicken, steak, pork, and fish.

If the truth be known, Lizano Sauce is added to, or poured on just about everything in Costa Rica. It has fast become a part of the culture and many say that once you have tried it, you just can’t seem to get enough of it.

The slightly sweet flavor with just the right hint of zest makes it a favorite of all who taste its fresh, unique flavors.

Other Delicious Costa Rican Foods

With the influx of immigrants from Latin America, the colorful flavors of Latin foods have been introduced full force into the American culture.

Lizano Sauce has stretched its flavorful offering all the way across into North America. And has become the number one requested Costa Rican import.

Costa Rican restaurants have begun appearing with the traditional flavors of the country and Lizano Sauce gracing their tables.

If you haven’t yet tried the deliciously addictive Lizano Sauce or Salsa Lizano, you are missing out on a flavorful treat.

So what’s the most popular Salsa Lizano recipe? Why the Costa Rican national dish..the Spotted Rooster, of course!


Salsa Lizano Is Great On Everything!
               Salsa Lizano Is Great On Everything!

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