Dominican Coffee

What’s the pride and joy of many Dominicans? Why dominican coffee, of course!

While Dominican food is not to be missed, coffee is the most central part of everyday life in the Dominican Republic. In fact, it is the Dominican national non-alcoholic drink. Everybody drinks it.

To refuse an offer of a cafecito is seen as ungracious, and sometimes downright unpatriotic!

The tradition of growing quality coffee has been passed down from generation to generation for hundreds of years. Most café dominicano is grown on small farms; most of the growers either work alone or belong to a coop.

Two cups of Dominican coffee overlooking Dominican countryside

These local farmers grow their coffee on hills and steep mountain slopes. It is usually picked by hand.

With each farm producer usually processing the coffee themselves in what is called a wet mill / beneficios humedos. This way they pick only the ripe beans and save the unripe beans to be picked when they are ready.

Café Santo Domingo is by far the most popular Dominican coffee brand. It is a wonderfully rich-flavored and dark roasted Dominican coffee.

Most Dominicans like their coffee sweet. They’ll drink it black with sugar or with azucar.

However, real Dominican coffee connoisseurs say that diluting coffee with sugar takes away from its natural flavor.

Another way to drink Dominican coffee is with milk or café con leche. Which is coffee with a lot of boiled milk or medio pollo or the American way, Café Americana. This is espresso coffee served with hot water to thin it out.

The Cafetera
The Cafetera

The Cafetera is also known as the long coffee maker or long espresso brewer. It is one of the best for making your Dominican Coffee.

Boiling water is forced up the inner tube by pressurized steam.  When the water hits the café molido (ground coffee,) the temperature is perfect.

Here in the US, we associate drinking coffee with getting energy. So we can maintain our “busy, hurried lifestyle”.

The Dominican people associate coffee with a relaxing, easygoing lifestyle.

Next time you are going to grab a quick cup of coffee on the go slow down. Take a minute to relax and enjoy a soothing cup of Dominican coffee.

Dominican Coffee Cup On Coffee Beans
Café Dominicano

If you are not fortunate enough to live near a Dominican supermarket that sells Santo Domingo coffee you can buy it online at Amigofoods or other Dominican websites.

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