All of the Key Ingredients in Suspiro Limeño

Ask somebody not from Peru about what they know about its cuisine. The likely possibility is you’ll get different types of answers.

Many people know Peruvian food for its dishes like Ceviche and street food like Anticuchos de Corazon. Peru, indeed, has a bevy of meat, seafood, and veggie dishes. One of its best-kept secrets, however, is its desserts.

One of these classic desserts is suspiro limeno. Translated to English as “sigh of Lima”, this delicious Peruvian dessert is anything but a sigh. It’s creamy, custardy, and something adults would love.

How do you make it? What ingredients do you need for a delicious suspiro limeno recipe?

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1. The Origins of Suspiro Limeno Recipe

Also known as the Suspiro a la limena, this classic dessert harkens back to the olden days.

The invention of the Peruvian dessert recipe comes from Amparo Ayarza. She is the wife of Peruvian poet Jose Galvez. This dessert’s peculiar name comes from Galvez himself.

Accounts note that Galvez compared the sweetness and lightness of suspiro de limena to a “Limena’s (Liman woman) sigh.” This romantic gesture spread with the recipe of the dish itself.

Even then, what is a suspiro limeno?

2. What’s in Suspiro de Limena?

Suspiro limeno is a type of manjar blanco. This is the Peruvian analog of the dulce de leche from around the other countries in South America. During this time, the dulce de leche is a hit within the Spanish colony.

The suspiro limeno recipe calls for many of the standard components of a Dulce de Leche. These include:

  • Condensed milk
  • Evaporated milk
  • Egg yolks

The base of limeno itself is then combined with an Italian-style meringue that stands on its own. People tend to sprinkle some cinnamon on their suspiro to taste.

If you want to make it a more adult dessert, you have a choice to add some wine and sugar as syrup. The usual alcohol the recipe calls for is Port wine, which is both sweet and plum-like. It’s not as alcoholic as pisco sour, so it should be ok even for the kids.

3. Why Should You Try Suspiro A La Limena?

Peruvian Dessert Suspiro a la Limena
Suspiro a la Limeña

So, why should you try Suspiro a la limena when you have the chance? Suspiro is not only delicious but easy to make as well.

At most, you’d need 6 to 7 ingredients to make limeno for the basic recipe. Everything is also easy to buy from your local store, so there’s no need to fuss.

The prep work is nothing hard as well. Suspiro de limena is easy to make in small or big servings. You can put it in separate glasses or one big bowl, so it works for families and groups as well.

One thing that makes limeno better, however, is the endless customizability. Depending on your taste, you can add your own flavors and adjust the tastes to your preference. If you’re not a fan of ultra-sweet desserts, you can adjust sweetness and balance with savoriness.

Try this Suspiro a la Limeña recipe and enjoy!

Enjoy Suspiro Limeno At Home

If you want the proverbial Peruvian dessert, suspiro limeno is the dessert for you. Feed your sweet tooth with this delicious recipe and enjoy it by yourself or with the entire family. Or check out our 9 Peruvian Desserts You’ll Die For.

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