Peruvian Breakfast Foods, 12 Traditional Dishes

When you think of culinary sampling from different countries, you probably don’t think of breakfast very much.

Most people tend to focus on dinner or desserts. However, in some countries, such as Peru, breakfast foods are worth people’s attention.

There are many delicious breakfast foods in Peru that are worth trying. What is popular will often depend on the specific region of Peru, but there are many staples that are well-known throughout the country. These include chicharrón de chancho, sangrecita, jugo de papaya, and many others.

If you’re interested in learning more about popular and high-quality breakfast dishes in Peru, read on.

You might just find something that prompts you to visit Peru or even prepare these culinary delights in your own kitchen.

1. Butifarra

Peruvian Breakfast Dish Butifarra
Peruvian Breakfast Dish Butifarra

This is a traditional cold sandwich that many eat in Peru. The main ingredient is “jamon del pais,” or seasoned ham. This ham sandwich is also topped with onion relish, which is also referred to as “salsa criolla.”

This salsa is made up mostly of sliced onions, but it also contains tomatoes and ají amarillo. Salt, pepper, and lime juice are also added to create a truly unique flavor.

These ingredients are served on a round, crispy French bread roll.

2. Humitas

Peruvian Breakfast Humitas
Peruvian Breakfast Humitas

This is a very simple breakfast. It’s a traditional dish that the cook makes from corn and lard. It’s very flavorful.

On the outside, it looks a lot like a tamale, but the corn husk is filled with ground corn rather than meat.

If you are trying to prepare it on your own, you should stuff the corn into a husk and steam cook it. You can also buy it from street vendors in Peru.

3. Tamales

Peruvian Breakfast Tamales
Peruvian Breakfast Tamales

Tamales might be more familiar to you than humitas. A tamale includes corn dough that is wrapped in a banana leaf, or a corn husk, that contains rich and hearty fillings.

These fillings can include chicken, cheese, peppers, and other savory foods. This is a very common traditional Peruvian staple, and many people enjoy them as a part of Sunday breakfast.

People often enjoy this dish with crispy french bread rolls and salsa criolla. The flavors are spicy and exotic, and you will likely find them to be worth trying out.

4. Ceviche

Ceviche Served in Glass Dish
Peruvian Ceviche

Ceviche is raw fish that is served in a spicy citrus marinade.

Even though the Peruvian fish dish isn’t cooked using heat, it is chemically cooked by the citrus within the three to six hours that it is soaked in the marinade. Because of this, it is safe to consume, and many people find it very flavorful and delicious.

Any type of fish can be used for ceviche. Basically, it just needs to be fresh. Typically, peruvians will use local white fish, such as tilapia, freshwater trout, or sea bass.

They will dice it into little pieces, so you will get a great flavor profile that includes both cooked edges and raw middle parts.

5. Salchicha Huachana

Peruvian Breakfast Dish Salchicha Huachana with bread
Peruvian Breakfast Dish Salchicha Huachana

If you are used to eating meat at breakfast, you might want to try this. It is a type of sausage that is composed of pork fat and ground beef.

Typically, if you are serving it, you will pan fry it with eggs and put it on a plate with bread on the side.

6. Chicharrón de Chancho

Chicharron de Chancho served with other Peruvian foods
Chicharron de Chancho

Chicharrón is meat that the chef has boiled until the liquid has evaporated and most of the fat has come out.

At this point, the meat is frying in its own fat. Typically, chicharrón is pork, but it can also be beef or chicken and sometimes even fish.

This is a popular breakfast item along the coast of Peru. It is fried meat that is typically served with bread, chopped ají, onion, and either fried yuca or sweet potato.

Chicharrón can be eaten either on its own or as part of a sandwich, depending on your preferences. It gives you a multitude of taste sensations, including salty, fatty, and sweet.

7. Pan Con Queso

Literally, “pan con queso” is “bread with cheese.” This is another popular Peruvian breakfast item; it is a roll of fresh bread that is baked in a local area with a slice of fresh cheese.

It is popular not only in Peru, but also in Bolivia and other South American countries.

8. Picarones

Peruvian Picarones served with Chancaca syrup
Peruvian Picarones served with Chancaca syrup

Picarones are very good for a quick morning meal, especially if you have a sweet tooth. These are thin, ring-shaped pieces of sweet potato and squash.

They are served with a syrup that is made from solidified molasses, or chancaca. These can be quite addicting, although you probably don’t want to eat them every single day if you are watching your weight.

9. Sangrecita

This one isn’t for the faint of heart, and you should be open-minded if you want to try it.

Basically, sangrecita is composed primarily of chicken blood. Alternatively, you can use beef blood, as is used in black pudding in England.

As would be expected, this blood pudding is very high in iron, containing about 30 grams of iron for every 100 grams of the dish. It can help fight anemia if you happen to be deficient in iron. Also, surprisingly, it is actually very tasty.

Even though the primary ingredient is chicken blood, it also contains heavy cream, chopped garlic and onion, pieces of hot pepper, oregano, olive oil, and heavy cream.

10. Triple Sandwich

Peruvian Triple Sandwich
Peruvian Triple Sandwich

This is a traditional Peruvian sandwich that includes three or four slices of plain white bread with layers of fillings.

Typically, you will put a little bit of mayonnaise on each slice of bread, and fill them with layers of flavorful foods, such as tomatoes, fresh avocados, and slices of hard-boiled egg.

11. Jugo de Papaya

Peruvian Papaya Juice served with Papaya
Jugo de Papaya, Papaya Juice

Even though this isn’t technically a food but a drink, it is a very popular breakfast choice in Peru. “Jugo de papaya” is simply papaya juice.

It is delicious, as well as very rich in fiber and vitamin C. You can make it yourself without much effort, in fact.

All you need to do is peel a papaya, get rid of the seeds, dice it up, and blend it. Then, you can drink and enjoy.

If you want to add some extra flavor sensations, you can add other juices, such as lime juice or pineapple juice. If you like spicy flavors as part of your juice, you can add in some pepper and salt as well.

12. Emoliente

Peruvian Emoliente Breakfast drink with. cancha

If you want a hot drink as part of your breakfast, you should try emoliente. It is an herbal tea that is very popular in Peru, particularly during the colder months.

It has many medicinal properties, and it is considered to have substantial healing powers. It contains a variety of Peruvian medicinal seeds, herbs, and plants.

This beverage has somewhat of an odd taste, hot and sparkly at the same time, but it is also great when it comes to warming you up, boosting your system, and adding some vitamins and minerals to your breakfast.

You can find it at a variety of street vendors throughout Peru.


Assorted Classic Peruvian Breakfast Foods
Assorted Classic Peruvian Breakfast Foods

Depending on where you are in Peru, you can enjoy all sorts of breakfast foods. What is common will differ based on the region, meaning you will likely see that different foods are going to be popular in the coastal areas, highlands, and Amazon.

However, all of these areas have foods that are worth trying at least once.

Even if you’re not someone who eats breakfast daily, you should definitely try these Peruvian breakfast foods. They are a great way to experience the taste of Peru, even though they may not be at the forefront as much as dinner foods.

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