1880 Turron Spain’s Premium Turron

Turron 1880 is the self proclaimed finest turrón in the world and frankly, who could argue?

If you have visited Spain during the holidays, or are of Spanish heritage or have Spanish friends, you no doubt have heard of 1880 Turron. If not, you’ve come to the right place and it’s about time the two of you meet.

About Turrón 1880

Turron Almendra y Miel, S.A. is the manufacturer and owner of 1880. Based in Jijona, Spain, 1880 has been family owned and operated since it was founded in 1725. The 1880 tradition has been passed down through an incredible ten generations.

They combine modern technology with authentic tradition to produce supreme quality spanish turrones. In fact, their advertising slogan is “El Turron Mas Caro Del Mundo”, transalted, “The Most Expensive Turron In The World”.

How Turrón 1880 Makes Their Premium Turrón

Some may ask, what exactly is turrón? Turrónes are Spain’s traditional candy. They are a delicious combination of almond and honey.

In an effort to keep retail prices low, some manufacturers use lower end ingredients. Not 1880! They only use the finest marcona almonds grown in the Mediterranean area and mixes them with superior quality orange blossom honey. A match made in heaven, which truly can only be appreciated by tasting one.

1180 Turrones Alicante and Jijona
Most Popular 1880 Turrones

Their classic 1880 Turrón de Jijona, soft turrón, is made by combining ground, skinned, roasted almonds with sweet orange blossom honey. It is then beaten to form a nougat-like soft bar, similar to fudge.

While their 1880 Turrón de Alicante, hard turrón, is made by combining whole marcona almonds with orange blossom honey and a little egg white, giving it a similar texture to peanut brittle.

Other Turrón 1880 Christmas Products

Although Jijona and Alicante are the most popular types of turrón and have remained unchanged for generations there are many other varieties to try. 1880 produces other Christmas Spanish classics like polvorones, mantecados and almendras rellenas. As well as new items like alicante bites and bombonias.

Another delicious turrón that everyone should try is 1880 Yema Tostada it combines grounded, roasted almonds with egg yolk and then formed into a nougat-like soft bar. Each bar is toasted on top, caramelizing the sugar and creating a turrón with a similar taste to crème brûlée.

1880 Turrón can be enjoyed any time of year but it traditionally appears at Christmas time in Spain. The perfect way to try turrón is to have samples of different flavors after dinner with coffee or liqueur. Or served crumbled over ice cream as a treat for the children.

Where to Buy Turrón 1880?

Traditionally, you’d only find these holiday spanish candies in Spain. Like in their local supermarkets, bakeries and of course, El Corte Inglés. But today’s global community knows a good thing when they taste it. You can buy 1880 turron and other 1880 products at Spanish specialty stores or at an online turron store.

Have you ever tried 1880 turrones? If not, you should. You won’t believe what you’ve been missing all this time. It truly is a Spanish culinary work of art!

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