El Almendro Turron Means Christmas

El Almendro turron has been the leading expert in the manufactur of turron since 1883. Their master confectioners have the know how and traditional craftsmanship that have been used for centuries creating spanish turrones. In Spain and many other countries, El Almendro is synonymous with Christmas. Their famous marketing campaign of “El Almendro, back home for Christmas”, is a legendary and heart warming symbol that Christmas is very near.

El Almendro offers the most outstanding product line of nougat candy, led by their El Almendro turron duro and El Almendro turron blando. Both turrones use the finest ingredients in their preparation. The turron duro (hard) blends roasted almonds and honey to perfection. While the turron blando (soft) uses roasted ground almonds with honey to create this Christmas masterpiece. The rounded crunchy almond turrones, El Almendro Torta Imperial and El Almendro Torta Imperial Sin Azucar (Sugarless) are also two of their top sellers. They proudly export their turrones to more than 85 countries across the five continents. Feliz Navidad!

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