Refreshingly Sweet: All About Horchata de Chufa

Is there anything better than sipping a glass of silky-smooth, creamy and cold horchata on a hot summer day?

Certainly not to us! There’s a reason why it’s one of Spain’s most popular drinks, after all.

But did you know that there are several variations on horchata? In Spain, the most popular spin on the classic beverage is horchata de chufa.

So what makes it different, and most importantly, how can you make your own? Keep reading to find out!

Wait, That’s Not the Horchata I Know

Horchata de chufa isn’t the same as the horchata you’d likely find at your favorite Mexican restaurant.

That’s because horchata de chufa is a Spanish drink, whereas the more popular horchata you know is a Mexican beverage.

Spilled bowl of horchata tiger nuts on wooden table
Tiger Nuts

It gets its name from its main ingredient, the tuber of a chufa plant, which is used instead of rice.

You might not recognize the chufa by name, but if you’re a fan of Latin cuisine, you’re undoubtedly familiar with it all the same. Instead, you might’ve heard it called yellow nutsedge or tiger nuts and it’s an integral part of many soups, baked goods, and snacks.

If you’ve never had the joy of tasting chufa, it has an earthy, nut-like taste (hence the nickname earth almond).

When added to rich, sweet horchata, it provides a complex taste that you’re sure to love.

Making Your Own Horchata De Chufa

We’re not sure about you, but a horchata sounds nice to us right about now. How about we make some of our own?

Now, the only downside to making your own horchata de chufa is that you’ll have to let the chufa soak for 12 to 24 hours. But good things come to those who wait and we promise it’ll be worth it!

Even if you’re only making a few glasses, you’ll want to soak about a pound of nuts.

Following the soak, you’ll want to gather 3 1/2 cups of water.

Now, drain the chufa, add the water, and blend it well.

It might take a minute. You want a smooth horchata, so it’s important that you give the nuts time to refine in the blender.

Add sugar if desired and top with a few sprinklings of cinnamon.

Finally, pour the mixture into a chilled glass or a glass of ice and enjoy along with some traditional cuisine like fresh Spanish churros or any of the other 13 Spanish Desserts That Will Transcend Your Tastebuds.

Health Benefits of Horchata

Not only does horchata de chufa taste great, but it’s actually quite good for you, as well.

According to MyFitnessPal, one glass of horchata de chufa contains only 177 calories, making it a great post-workout treat.

Speaking of workouts, tiger nuts are rich in protein. Therefore, not only is this delicious type of horchata tasty, but it can provide you with the energy you need to conquer the day.

Beat the Heat with This Sweet Summer Treat

Bag of tiger nuts with horchata de chuff and pastry
Spanish Horchata de Chufa

Making your own horchata de chufa is quite easy. The hardest part is waiting. Give it a shot today and be sure to let us know what you think!

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