How to Make Spanish Chorizo – Impress Your Friends With Chorizo Recipes for Any Occasion!

Eating a good chorizo dish at a Spanish restaurant can be an incredible experience- an experience that you can bring home and impress your friends with. Depending on your skill level with cooking, it can be an intimidating thing to try your hand at. There are options to buy chorizo at the store or online, but when making homemade Spanish chorizo, you have the opportunity to completely customize any Spanish chorizo recipe that you choose to make.

How to Make Spanish Chorizo from Scratch

Making this popular Spanish dish from scratch can be a daunting task, but there are a few ways that it can be done in a way that isn’t quite so intimidating without sacrificing the flavors. Everyone has a different taste, as well as the dishes that these chorizo recipes are intended for, so it’s alright if your chorizo doesn’t taste quite the same as someone else’s. After all, a lot of Latin American countries have their own variations of their Spanish chorizo recipes too!

Pimentón or Paprika

Ground Paprika on white plate
Spanish Paprika, Key Chorizo Ingredient

Paprika, pimentón in spanish, is pivotal to how chorizo is made, as it is the main way that the Spanish sausage gets its coloring.

There is both the option for smoked Spanish paprika (pimentón ahumado) and hot Spanish paprika (pimentón caliente), both of which a great option for making your homemade Spanish chorizo.

Another good option would be to change up the ratios of paprika depending on the flavor profile that you are interested in.


You can customize the heat of your chorizo recipe based on the audience that you intend to cook for- whether it be you or a few dinner guests. A good way to do this is through Cheyanne pepper or even guajillo chiles. Both of these can add different versions and degrees of heat that is likely to satisfy a wide array of people.


Garlic is a good addition to any dish because it can be added to anyone’s personal taste. Typically four or so cloves of moderately sized garlic are added to Spanish chorizo recipes, but again this can differ depending on how much you like garlic.

Fat Content

The fat content of the chorizo that you’re making changes depending on the recipe that you decide you’d like to add it to. If you’re choosing to add chorizo to something like a hash, there would be a higher at content than if you added it to a chorizo bite.

This means that you can choose different cuts of pork depending on what you decide to make with your chorizo, ensuring that your chorizo is dish specific.

Freshness of Ingredients

In this day and age, there are many different ways that you could acquire the ingredients that makeup chorizo. You could get fresh paprika or the pre-ground stuff that they sell in grocery stores, which can be done with just about every spice that typical recipes require.

Decisions like this will change the flavor profile of your dish a bit, but depending where you find these changes acceptable, there are many different places you could source your ingredients from.

Spanish Chorizo Recipes for Any Occasion

As seen above, chorizo is a type of sausage that has been made using paprika and a few other important spices. It can be completely customized if decide to make handmade Spanish chorizo, spicing up just about any dish that you make perfectly.  This customizable Spanish sausage is the perfect way to create interesting dishes to both impress and satisfy your friends and family.

Breakfast or Brunch

Spanish chorizo sausage with fried egg and potatoes served in a terra cotta cazuela dish
Spanish Chorizo with Fried Egg and Potatoes in Cazuela
  • Throwing some of your homemade Spanish chorizo into a breakfast dish is a great way to serve breakfast to your friends. Adding chorizo, cilantro, diced tomatoes, garlic, and onions into an omelet makes any brunch ten times better, especially if your friends are as interested in Spanish food as you are.
  • A hash is a staple at any brunch and it’s incredibly easy to add a pop by throwing in some Spanish chorizo into the mix. Chorizo can be added to practically any hash to enhance the flavor, not to mention impressing your friends.


Choripna sandwich of spanish sausage and bread on table
Spanish Choripan Sandwich
  • Just by tweaking your Spanish chorizo recipe a tiny bit, you can turn your killer breakfasts into a killer lunch. Chorizo goes incredibly well in a popular Latin American sandwich called Choripan.
  • This versatile dish can be served with two ingredients or even spiced up a bit to add everything that the person making the Spanish chorizo could ever desire on a sandwich.


Spanish chorizo al vino in cazuela
Spanish Chorizo al Vino in Cazuela
  • Chorizo al Vino is probably the greatest thing to serve for dinner; this dish version of the chorizo has been roasted in wine for nearly an hour to soak up the delicious flavors the red wine it’s bathed in. It is a low maintenance dish that could impress just about anyone.
  • People often add sausage as a pizza topping, and the same can be done if you’re making a pizza at home. By adding chorizo significantly more flavorful sausage, you’re guaranteed to take your homemade pizza flavor profiles up a notch.

Party Food

  • Just by dicing up a Spanish chorizo sausage and adding it to a queso party dip, the queso dip can be greatly enhanced. This can be easily personalized to add things like salsa or basically anything else you would want in a queso dip.
  • Making chorizo bites with some store-bought dough and some oxacana cheese is the easiest way to impress your party attendees; of course, other low melting cheeses can be used as well, but oxacana compliments the chorizo perfectly in this dish. It’s a low effort appetizer that still manages to impress every time.

Spanish Chorizo Recipes Made Easy

There are so many ways to enhance and personalize your homemade chorizo recipes to everyone’s liking, you simply can’t go wrong.

If making the Spanish chorizo recipe from scratch isn’t up your alley, we sell ready to cook spanish chorizo to make your cooking experience significantly easier!

No matter the way that you cook your chorizo, our blog is a great spot to get information about future Spanish cuisine information and even Spanish recipe ideas too!

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