Sanchis Mira Turron

Sanchis Mira turron was founded in 1863. Its origin was eminently artisan but through the years the spanish company has continuously evolved, introducing and perfecting its premium quality turron processing methods.

Although the company was founded in 1863, it wan’t until 1966 the company took its current form. It was that year when four local turron factories joined to form Sanchis Mira S. A. The four local families were Familia Sanchis Mira, Familia A. Galina, Familia A. Monerris and Familia Sala Miguel.

Sanchis Mira has two production plants in Jijona and three logistic centers in Barcelona, Madrid and Santander. It producees over 60 different varieties of turrones and marzipans under the brands Antiu Xixona, Sanchis Mira, Fama and others. Presently, Sanchis Mira produces over 7,000 tons of turron. Although their primary market is Spain, Sanchis Mira exports 14% of their total turron production to over thirty countries around the world. While turron is primarily eaten during the Christmas season, it is enjoyed year round by turron enthusiasts.

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