15 Spanish Christmas Foods to Celebrate the Holidays

If you look forward to the end of the year because of Christmas gatherings with family and delicious home-cooked meals, you aren’t alone.

An estimated 90% of Americans celebrate Christmas, whether they observe it due to religion, tradition, or a simply as good excuse to get their loved ones together.

People all over the world light up their trees and connect with each other- that’s a beautiful thing.

One of the most looked-forward-to parts of the holidays are the dishes that your loved ones will make and put on the table.

It’s always awesome to be both traditional and adventurous, and Spanish food gives you the best of both worlds.

Whether you’re part of a boisterous and happy Spanish family or a family of any ethnicity looking to try something new, Spain Christmas foods are definitely an amazing addition to any Christmas menu.

Here, we’re going to share some of the best Spanish foods that you can make at home with ingredients bought on our web page or get pre-made.

So lick your lips and focus your eyes on this article, because you definitely want to know about these great tastes.

Terrific Tapas from Spain

Spanish Tapas in cazuelas in a bar
Tapas Dishes

Tapas, or small plates, are one of the major staples in Spanish culinary tradition.

While these are often used as appetizers that are set out before the main course, some people also construct meals entirely out of tapas.

There’s no right or wrong way to eat these easy Spanish hors d’oeuvres, so get creative and try out the ones that sound the best for your palette.

1. Cured Spanish Ham Croquettes

Spanish Christmas tapas croquetas de jamon with slices of Jamon Serrano
Croquetas de Jamón

Croquettas de Jamon are a traditional Spanish Christmas dish made with Spanish cured ham and fried dough.

They’re individually sized and breaded lightly. Inside, they’re creamy and salty with just the right amount of jamón ibérico.

You don’t necessarily need to make your own dough, but you can- it isn’t too hard!

You can prepare it ahead of time and freeze it, too, if you want to save time on Christmas to make other dishes. It also keeps well, so… leftovers, anyone?

2. Tetilla Cheese Puffs

Spanish Tetilla Cheese Puffs Covered in Sesame Seeds
Spanish Tetilla Cheese Puffs Covered in Sesame Seeds

No, we’re not talking about Cheetos. Tetilla cheese puffs are an easy-to-make and easy-to-love Spanish tapa.

These consist of fried tetilla cheese, which comes out creamy and delicious. They then are coated in a honey and sesame seed glaze to give them a little added sweetness.

But, you may be asking: where can I get tetilla cheese? We’re glad you asked! It can be imported not only to the US but right to your home, at a great price.

3. Huevo Relleno con Atun

Huevo Relleno con Atun, Spanish Tuna Devil Filled with Eggs
Huevo Relleno con Atun, Spanish Tuna Devil Filled with Eggs

Huevo Relleno con Atun is similar to deviled eggs, but they have a twist.

You do hard-boiled eggs and mix the yolk with mayonnaise and mustard, making, well, a deviled egg.

But it doesn’t end there with this dish. You’re also going to want to include spicy black pepper and Spanish atun, or tuna, to spice things up a little. Enjoy!

4. Chorizo al Vino

Spanish Christmas Chorizo al Vino in cazuela
Spanish Chorizo al Vino

Everyone, Spanish or not, loves chorizo.

Still, the Spanish love it more than most, since it’s an easy-to-make cured meat with a distinctive smoky and spicy taste. 

It’s really easy to get in Spain, making chorizo al vino, or red-wine glazed chorizo, a popular dish.

5. Entremeses

Spanish Christmas Entremeses chorizo, jamon and chorizo on wooden platter
Spanish Entremeses

Entremeses aren’t too difficult to explain or to throw together.

This is basically just an appetizer platter consisting of traditional Spanish meats like chorizo and imported cheeses. Dried fruits can also be added for more flavors.

Just spread these delicious finger foods out on a plate and wait for people to notice and start taking their favorite items. Enjoy!

Spain’s Majestic Main Courses

Many Spaniards choose to serve a main course in addition to tapas.

These main courses are delicious and aren’t too difficult to make.

So tie on your apron, wash your hands, gather your family members, and have fun cooking these dishes together!

6. Cured Spanish Meats

Spanish Cured Meat of Jamon in Wooden Spanish Ham Holder Jamonera
Cured Spanish Ham in a Jamonera, Spanish Ham Holder

We know that this is a pretty broad section, but cured meats are a theme in Spanish cooking.

There are so many dishes that you can create with these meats and so many different textures, flavors, and cuts to choose from.

There’s something for pretty much everyone when it comes to cured meats.

If you don’t know what curing is, it’s pretty simple. Curing meat basically refers to any form of meat preservation, usually involving salt.

Cured meat has the moisture taken from it by the salt that absorbs it. This gives it a uniquely wonderful texture as well as ensuring that it lasts long enough to eat all the leftovers.

Some of the more popular cured meats in Spain include jamón iberico, chorizo, lomo, salchichon, morcilla and sobrasada just to name a few.

7. Lots of Lamb

Spanish Lamb Christmas Dish with potatoes
Spanish Cordero with Potatoes

Okay, so you know that you want meat. That’s a pretty broad category, and there are a lot of different dishes that you can’t go wrong with, but one of the most popular kinds of meat in Spain is lamb.

You can enjoy this meat cured, but it’s also delicious- and popular in Spain- when it’s fresh.

Roast lamb makes an amazing centerpiece for any Christmas dinner. It isn’t difficult to make, either- all you have to do is purchase a cut of lamb leg or thigh and prepare a simple recipe.

Coat the meat in oil and lard before basting it, stopping to turn it occasionally.

Once your lamb is roasted, add spices and enjoy!

8. Cochinillo Asado

Spanish Cochinillo Christmas Food with potatoes
Spanish Cochinillo Traditional Christmas Dish

Cochinillo Asado is another Spanish meat dish that the family is sure to love.

This time, it’s pork, a meat that everyone’s familiar with already.

Roast suckling pig is basted or grilled until the skin is golden brown and crispy before being spiced to perfection.

You can add it to the table either in one piece or cut up into smaller pieces. Serve the meat over rice and potatoes, and voila! Perfection.

9. Paella

Spanish Seafood Paella Rice Dish with Fresh Shellfish Served with Lemon Wedges in Pan on Smudged Chalkboard Background with Oil and Napkin
Spanish Shellfish Paella

Don’t like red meat? Perhaps you prefer seafood. Paella is a rice dish that’s extremely popular in Spain, combining vegetables and any meat you might like into a saffron Spanish rice.

A lot of the time paella is made with seafood, specifically braised shrimp or oysters. All of this is soaked in spices, which vary depending on the region of Spain that your recipe is from. There’s so many different paellas to try, so why wait? Get cooking!

10. Galets Soup

Galets Spanish Soup

A vegetarian or vegan family member – everyone has one. This means that it’s probably a good idea to make something for them too, that isn’t chock full of meat and dairy.

Luckily, there’s a delicious possibility that everyone, vegetarian or not is sure to love – galets soup.

This simple recipe consists of stuffed shells in broth. A lot of the time these shells are stuffed with meat, which is great if everyone in your family is down for that.

If you want a vegan recipe, though, here’s a great way to make galet soup friendly for all diets.

Decadent Desserts

No Spanish meal is complete without dessert. In fact, traditional Spanish cuisine is known for its diverse and delectable sweets.

There’s something for everyone when it comes to Spanish dessert recipes, so you definitely want to get baking. Read on for a few of the tastiest and most popular desserts in Spanish culture and tradition.

11. Churros and Chocolate

Spanish Christmas Churros with a white cup of hot chocolate
Spanish Churros with Hot Chocolate

When you imagine churros, you likely think of the slender cinnamon-fried dough sticks that you ate at carnivals and amusement parks as a kid. While those are delicious in their own right, they’ve got nothing on real Spanish churros.

Churros can have cinnamon on them, but it often isn’t as much as the almost-too-sugary confections you get at county fairs.

They are, however, made of soft and crispy fried dough. They aren’t always long and thin, either, but sometimes short and thick.

This makes the churros easy to pick up with your fingers after they’re deep-fried.

A lot of the time, these churros are served with Spanish-style hot chocolate, pronounced cho-co-la-tay. 

This is a bitter liquid chocolate that many people also enjoy drinking by itself from a cup.

It’s perfect for dipping churros in, too, so we highly recommend you give it a try.

12. Turrón

Spanish Christmas Turron Nougat on white background
Spanish Turrón

No Spanish meal is complete without Turrón. Seriously, if you have to choose just one thing from this entire list to make or buy, it should be Spanish Turrón.

It’s one of Spain’s best-known desserts, both representing Christmas tradition and family.

Turron can be an either hard or soft treat made of honey, sugar, and egg white. It’s typically shaped into sweet rectangular bars that you can sink your teeth into with no mess.

The real claim to fame for turrones, though, is that they have nuts inside. Usually, toasted almonds are used, but there are also other varieties used in some recipes.

There are a few kinds of  this Spanish nougat candy too- it isn’t just one thing.

You’ll never get bored with this dessert since there are so many iterations of it that are made with various ingredients that can give it new textures and flavors.

There are so many different types of turron that can grace your table this year!

13. Roscón de Reyes

Roscon de Reyes Spanish Dessert Cake on wooden table
Roscon de Reyes Christmas Dessert Cake

Turron is amazing as a hard confection, but if you want something soft, Roscon de Reyes is definitely the Spanish confection for you.

It’s often eaten at another religious holiday, Dia de Reyes, on January 6th, but it’s an amazing pastry for your Christmas table, too.

This is a pastry that’s made out of soft dough in a ring shape. It’s a lot bigger than a churro and doesn’t have cinnamon on it (usually) but it generally does have goodies like candied fruits baked into the soft bread.

Speaking of goodies, it’s traditional to hide things inside the roscon.

Specifically, a small porcelain baby figurine and a bean are hidden inside at a lot of family gatherings, and a treasure-hunt type of game is played with these items.

If you uncover the baby, you will have good luck and be appointed ‘king’ of the party. If you find the bean, though, your luck is out- you’ll, alas, have to pay for the cake.

14. Mantecados

Spanish Mantecados Christmas sweets on wooden table with ornaments
Mantecados Typical Christmas Sweets

You can never have too much cake, so mantecados are a great recipe even if you’ve already decided to whip up some Roscon de Reyes.

Mantecados are a cookie-like Spanish crumble cake, and their claim to fame is that they’re so light that they’ll literally melt on your tongue and crumble in your mouth.

Mantecados are a tradition that goes way back in Spain. In fact, these cookies began to be served centuries ago when Spain had a surplus of lard.

Today, mantecados are usually made with shortening and butter… a lot of butter. (Manteca is actually the Spanish word for butter, so you know what you’re in for).

15. Marzipan

Spanish Christmas marzipan sweets with different christmas decoration. Figuritas on wooden table
Spanish Marzipan Figuritas

We’ve all seen marzipan before. Whether you want to use it as a cake topper or just eat it plain, marzipan is a delicious recipe that you can’t go wrong with.

Like turron, it’s made of sugar, honey, and almonds… well, almond paste.

This delicious spanish dessert is really soft and pliable, meaning it’s something you can really sink your teeth into.

One of these sweet’s claims to fame is that you can shape it into pretty much anything.

Whether you want to display figures of animals or renditions of baskets of fruit, marzipan definitely has you covered.

Feast on Spanish Christmas Foods!

Christmas Desserts from Spain of turron and mantecados on blue table
Assorted Spanish Christmas Desserts

Christmas is a time for laughter, giving, family, and, yes, great food.

Whether you’re a Spanish family looking for new recipes or someone who’s never tried this amazing cuisine before, putting Spanish Christmas foods is never a bad idea.

Whether you want to eat eggs or seafood, lamb or pork, or churros or turron, there’s a recipe out there waiting for you to try. Get cracking some eggs and get cracking on making something that tastes legendary.

Now that you know about some of the best Spain Christmas foods to put on your table, it’s time to get started with your holiday cooking!

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Feliz Navidad!

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