Spanish Churros

Spanish Churros are a traditional dessert from Spain. Their is much debate of how churrros came into existence.

Some say they were created by Spanish shepherds. While others claim that Portuguese sailors brought the fried dough pastry back with them from the Orient.

Regardless of who deserves the credit, one thing is for sure, churros are absolutely delicious.

If you’ve ever visited Spain, you’ll know churros are sold nearly everywhere; by street vendors, in cafes, restaurants, bakeries, and of course, churrerias.

Spanish Churros are simply fried dough, very similar to the American version of a doughnut.

The churro dough is a usually a mixture of flour, water and salt. Churros are shaped into a long and narrow form or sometimes spirally twisted.

A churro maker can help shape the dough into its traditional shape. They are then sprinkled with sugar and traditionally dipped into spanish hot chocolate or cafe con leche.

Although typically eaten for breakfast, they can be enjoyed as a snack and enjoyed all day long. Churros are without a doubt a culinary spanish pastime.

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