Spanish Olive Oil Is Spain’s Liquid Gold

Spanish olive oil has long been treasured as an integral part of daily cooking in Spain.

Olive oil is easily stored and easily used in practically any type of dish. It’s versatility ranges from salad dressings to tenderizing meats.

It also reduces acidity in tomatoes and even prevents broiled meats from drying out.

Olive oil can be used to barbecue, bake, marinate, broil, saute, fry and braise.

But Spanish olive oil adds a whole new flavor and unique taste that no others can compare to.

Spaniards take their olive oil seriously. Olive oil was introduced to Spain from the Near East centuries ago.

Since then spaniards have been perfecting the art of manufacturing olive oil. Today Spain accounts for roughly 35% of the world’s olive oil production.

Some of Spain’s larger olive oil producers include Carbonell Olive Oil, Sensat Olive Oil, Betis Olive Oil and Borges Olive Oil. Each company has a long and proud tradition of producing premium olive oil in Spain such as 100% pure olive oil, extra virgin olive oil, and light olive oil.

While many agree to the importance of olive oil in today’s cooking, many are unaware of the health benefits of olive oil.

Through its oleric acid, spanish olive oil helps reduce the level of bad cholesterol. While increasing the level of good cholesterol. It also has a high contribution of Vitamin E which helps reduce blood pressure and prevent arteriosclerosis.

So next time you find yourself in the supermarket’s olive oil section be sure to grab the bottle imported from Spain or you can always buy spanish olive online at

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