Turron For The Holidays

Turron from Spain is a deliciously sweet nougat candy that has been around for centuries. The Moors are said to have invented this delicacy in Jijona, Spain over 500 years ago. The economy of Jijona is centered on the production of this sweet treat. So much so that there is a museum there which chronicles the history of and process for making Turron. If you visit the museum sometime during the months of June through mid-December you might get to watch Turron going through the process of being made. Turron is typically made of egg whites, sugar and honey with some sort of toasted almond or other nuts. The typical shapes of a Turron candy are rectangular or circular like a small cake. There are many different varieties of Turron. The leading brands are Jijona, Alicante, Yema and Yema Tostada.

Castillo de Jijona Turron and Turron de Alicante are the two most favored Turrons during the holiday season. In Spain, no holiday table is complete without one or both of these nougat treats. Turron de Jijona is a soft nougat candy made from egg whites, almonds and honey. Turron de Alicante is a hard nougat candy also made from egg whites, almonds and honey. Basically the same ingredients are used for both. But in order to make soft Turron; the almonds are reduced to a paste and oil is added. Both of these varieties come in sugar free versions to suit the needs of diabetics or those choosing to eat less sugar.

Turron Yema and Turron Yema Tostada are also traditional nougat candies. The difference is these two types of Turron are made with egg yolks, almonds and honey. Turron Yema and Yema Tostada have a yellow coloring and the “Tostada” means that nougat is toasted to a golden brown. These classic treats are very popular during the holiday season as well. Sugar free versions are also available for Yema and Yema Tostada.

In addition to these traditional Turrones; there are many added varieties available that are just as delectable. Chocolate lovers will enjoy the chocolate nougat candies from Castillo de Jijona Turron de Chocolate. If you love the traditional Spanish dessert arroz con leche (rice with milk); you might want to try Turron Arroz Con Leche. This tasty treat combines the flavor of two of Spain’s most popular desserts into one delicious nougat candy. For any fruit cake lovers out there the Turron Mazapan Fruta is for you! The traditional Turron nougat has pieces of fruit throughout. Turron de Coco Calidad is the perfect treat for coconut enthusiasts.

Each brand or type of Turron from Spain has a flavor and quality uniquely its own. I have yet to decide which type is my favorite. There are still so many that I need to try. I do find that I tend to prefer the Turron de Alicante over the softer version of Jijona. If I’m in the mood for chocolate then I love the Turron de Chocolate. A tray of all the different flavors makes a lovely addition to any holiday spared. I was not born in Spain but ever since I tasted my first bit of Turron; I’ve decided to add these Spanish treats to my holiday table every year.

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