Turron, Spain’s Christmas Candy Nougat

Turrón is Spain’s proud contribution to the culinary world.

Though it is enjoyed year round. The spanish nougat confection is typically produced and consumed during the holidays. Simply put, turron is synonymous with Christmas in Spain.

Where Was Turrón Invented?

History tells us that turron was first made at least 500 years ago in the spanish town of Jijona, Spain. Its creation was greatly influenced by Moorish settlers immigrating from the Middle East and Northern Africa  to Spain.

The original recipe for turron is a combination of honey, almonds, and egg white. These continue to be the most popular types of turron. Turron alicante and turron jijona stay true to the original recipe.

Differences Between Alicante & Jijona Turrón

Turron Alicante and turron jijona on white background
Turrón de Alicante (left) & Turrón de Jijona (right)

The main difference between the two is in their texture. Turron Alicante is a hard nougat confection of almonds and honey. While Turron Jijona is a softer, smoother version of the same ingredients.

The softer texture comes from the grounding of the almonds unlike turron alicante which does not. Turron Alicante is also referred to as “Turron Duro” meaning hard turron and Turron Jijona is naturally referred to as “Turron Blando”, or soft turron.

Over time innovative turron producers have introduced new variations of the spanish nougat containing chocolates, fruits, coconut and more.

However, turron manufacturing must adhere to strict quality controls from the Consejo Regulador IGP y Turron de Alicante. For a turron to be labeled as being Supreme or “Suprema” quality the turron in question must contain at least 60% almonds if the Jijona type and 64% if the Alicante type.

Where is Turrón Made?

Spanish turron is serious business in Jijona, Spain. In fact, turron production accounts for a large portion of Jijona’s economy. Leading turron producers, 1880 Turron, El Almendro Turron, Sanchis Mira Turron and others call Jijona home.

Demand for their artisan products outside of Spain has led to exportation. Here in the United States, you can buy turron at upscale gourmet supermarkets or you can order turron online at your favorite internet retailer.

Learn More About the Christmas Spanish Nougat Candy

Turron is a Christmas staple found in every household in Spain. It’s history, tradition and national adoration is unrivaled. To learn more about Spanish turron check out our in-depth article, Spanish Turrón – Your Ultimate Guide.

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