Rosamonte Yerba Mate: The Beloved Argentine Classic

In Argentina, people annually consume 6.5 kilograms of yerba mate per capita. To compare, Argentinians only consume 1 kilogram of coffee per year.

These numbers show how essential yerba mate is to Argentinian culture and one of the most popular yerba mate brands of all is Rosamonte.

To find out more about this delicious Rosamonte yerba mate, check out the guide below.

What Is Yerba Mate?

Unlike some energy drinks, yerba mate is a natural beverage and has many health benefits. Yerba mate is a plant that comes from the holly species.

This plant was widely consumed as early as the 16th century; however, indigenous people likely used it well before then. Latin American people have been using this plant to create the mate drink for centuries.

Yerba mate is prepared like a tea. Leaves and twigs of the plant combine with hot water to create the beverage. The more plant material you use, the stronger the flavor.

Though there are different types of yerba mate, it generally tastes something like green tea. It herbaceous and grassy, kind of like a fresh vegetable pulled from the earth.

Rosamonte Yerba Mate

Rosamonte yerba mate began in 1936. This special type of yerba mate has a long, rich history of cultivation and service. You can find their facilities in Apostoles, in the Misiones province of Argentina.

Man picking yerba mate leaves
Picking Yerba Mate Leaves

Their yerba mate is carefully selected and hand-picked from healthy ilex paraguariensis plants during the harvest season.

This process is known as “tarefa” and typically takes place from April to the end of September.

It’s then milled and seasoned. This species of yerba mate grows organically throughout the subtropics of Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay.

Once harvested, the leaves of the plant are dried and toasted using the barbacua method. This takes place in a new state of the art drying facility that gets its energy from biomass.

The use of biomass energy helps protect the environment and allows Rosamonte to control for optimum temperature and air quality, improving the product while also cutting costs.

After this process, the plant material is milled (canchado) to break it down into small tea-ready fragments. Finally, they grind the yerba mate to improve the texture of the product.

Bags of Rosamonte Yerba Mate on conveyor belt
Rosamonte Suave Yerba Production

The product then undergoes numerous quality control tests before getting packaged in such a way to maintain freshness, flavor, and aroma.

The company works hard to maintain the traditional methods of harvesting Yerba Mate while protecting the environment. It’s innovative technology also ensures that people around the world can enjoy this traditional drink.

Rosamonte yerba mate is vitamin-rich and energizing with the classic, earthy flavor of this Argentinian cultural staple.

How to Use It

The traditional way to enjoy yerba mate is to pass around a large gourd of it with friends. Each person drinks a few mouthfuls and refill the gourd multiple times. If you’re enjoying the drink in Argentina, you don’t need to ask for more.

Woman holding yerba mate gourd and yerba mate thermos
Drinking Yerba Mate

Yerba mate is also traditionally consumed with a metal straw called a bombilla. This straw helps filter out any plant material left in the gourd. Individuals determine whether they want to add sugar or not.

You can consume yerba mate can cold or iced. This version of the beverage is terere yerba mate. This recipe calls for infusion with fruit juice or cold water.

If you’re new to yerba mate, the fruit juice terere is more enjoyable because the juice acts as a sweetener.

Shop Rosamonte Yerba Mate

Rosamonte Yerba Mate Products of Especial, Suave and Elaborada
Rosamonte Yerba Mate Products

Yerba mate is a way for Argentinian people to spend time together. There’s also some evidence that it helps with weight loss. If you’re tired of tea and coffee, it’s time to try this natural drink.

Whether it’s Rosamonte’s most famous yerba mate, Rosamonte Especial, smooth tasting Rosamonte Suave, or Rosamonte Mate Cocido, Rosamonte tastes like it’s fresh from the source.

This is why generations of Argentinian families and yerba mate lovers around the world continue to enjoy it.

To learn everything you ever wanted to know about yerba mate visit our Ultimate Guide to Yerba Mate. Or to shop the best Rosamonte yerba mate and other Argentinian products and ingredients, don’t forget to stop by our yerba mate store.

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