The Pava Hornillo and The Yerbera

Pava hornillo and yerbera? Newbies to yerba mate have never heard of them. But the Pava Hornillo and the Yerbera are two yerba mate accessories that most seasoned yerba mate drinkers own and love.

The Pava Hornillo serves as a mobile kettle to keep the yerba mate infusion as convenient and simple as possible. Pava means kettle. And hornillo means small oven in spanish. Using a pava hornillo allows the yerba mate drinker to have hot water nearby. This helps keep refreshing the yerba mate infusion without having to make several trips back and forth to the stove. It was invented in the 18th century in Peru.

The Yerbera is another handy accessory that consists of two covered compartments used for storage. One compartment stores the yerba mate and the other stores sugar. Yerba mate is consumed on a daily basis. Sometimes more then once a day. The yerbera keeps the yerba mate close at hand and very accessible. No need to make constant visits to the cupboard. Typically, the yerbera is made from metal or wood and comes in many different shapes and sizes.

Both the yerbera and the pava hornillo make the yerba mate ritual a more convenient and enjoyable experience.

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